CTBUH 2023 International Conference

Monday, 16 October 2023 | Singapore
Save the Date: CTBUH Int'l Conference in Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, 16-21 October 2023.  


With the United Nations projecting nearly 70 percent urbanization by 2050, we need to ensure that cities are places where people can not only live—but thrive. Transportation, public and cultural institutions, open space, commercial entities, and other integral infrastructure need to be considered holistically and adapted broadly and equitably for positive, sustainable outcomes. Accordingly, tall buildings need to be woven into the urban fabric like never before. 


Please join us 16–21 October, 2023, for the CTBUH International Conference "Humanizing High Density—People, Nature & the Urban Realm," which will advance the fundamental premise that high-density urbanization can support healthy living, working, and civic and social engagement. It will foreground issues of livability in the ongoing discourse about future cities and explore solutions for achieving equity in housing, creating better social spaces, reducing carbon emissions, mitigating the effects of climate change, and striking a balance in development that is appropriate for local environmental and cultural conditions. 


There is no better place to have this urgent conversation than Singapore, where significant investments in affordable housing and integrated communities—combined with deliberate efforts to create public space at height and reinforce the proven benefits of greenery on the human psyche—have paid off abundantly. This vibrant city-state has been successful because its strategies are deeply rooted in unified government policies affecting the entire built context. It serves as a replicable model for the alignment of societal, economic, and environmental goals to deliver better outcomes for people across the planet.  

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Number of attendees: 1353