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2 Jul 2020

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Shanghai, China

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As many architects and visionaries have shown over a period spanning more than a century, the re-creation of the urban realm in the sky through connections between buildings at height has a vast potential for the enrichment of our cities. As the world rapidly urbanizes, greater thought needs to be expended on how horizontal space can be developed at height. Today, new transportation technology, and structural engineering practices seem to put horizontal habitat in the sky within reach. But cultural, organizational, and jurisdictional obstacles remain. To overcome these, a solid case needs to be made for the extensive benefits of skybridges in a much wider application than has been seen historically.


Program | 日程

9:00 am – 11:00 am: Session 1 | 第一节
  • Welcome Remarks: CTBUH China Associate Director Jiaqi Qu; Lianjin Bao, Chief Secretary, Committee of High-rise Habitat Environment- ASC; a href="" target="_blank">May Wei, Vice President, CRTKL; Anson Yang, Marketing Director, thyssenkrupp Elevator (China)
  • 欢迎辞:CTBUH中国区副总监 瞿佳绮; 包联进, 中国建筑学会高层建筑与人居环境学术委员会秘书长; 魏文梅,CRTKL副总裁; 蒂森克虏伯电梯(中国) 市场总监
  • Skybridges and Sky Space — to shape space of vertical interaction and make the three-dimensional community come true: May Wei, Vice President, CRTKL
  • 空中连廊及空中公共场所——塑造垂直交往空间,实现三维立体社区:魏文梅,CRTKL副总裁
  • Efficient Transportation in Tall Buildings: Robert Spinache, Asia Product Line Manager, thyssenkrupp Elevator
  • 高层建筑内的高效流动: Robert Spinache, 蒂森克虏伯电梯,亚太区产品线负责人
  • SKYBRIDGES – Towards New Typologies and the 3D City: Peter Chang, Asia Associate Director, MVRDV
  • 空中连廊——迈向新的类型学和3D城市:张许慎, MVRDV亚洲副总监
  • Stand on ground, Grow to Sky: Jie Zhang, General Manager, Shanghai Office, PCPA
  • 直冲云霄,根植大地:张婕,上海办公室总经理,佩里·克拉克·佩里建筑师事务所

11:20 am – 12:40 pm: Session 2 | 第二节

  • High-rise conjoined building: The structural choice of aerial city development: Lianjin Bao, Chief Engineer, ECADI
  • 超高层连体建筑-空中城市发展的结构解决之道:包联进,华东建筑设计研究总院结构总工程师
  • New dimension in the context of high-density cities: Ping Jiang, Founding Partner & Chief Architect, EID Architecture
  • 高密度城市脉络中的新维度:姜平, EID建筑师事务所创始合伙人/首席建筑师
  • Place-Making on Higher Ground: Xiaoguang Liu, Vice President, CRTKL
  • 高层语境下的场所营造:刘晓光,CRTKL副总裁
  • Building and Connecting People: Congzhen Xiao, Director, China Academy of Building Research
  • 建筑,连接人:肖从真,中国建筑科学研究院建筑设计院院长,全国工程勘察设计大师
1:10 pm – 14:00 pm: Lunch and CRTKL Office Tour | 午餐,参观CRTKL办公室
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Tour of thyssenkrupp Elevator Campus | 电梯工业园参观


China Office Associate Director, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

Shanghai, China

Lianjin Bao

Chief Engineer, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute

Shanghai, China

Vice President & Shanghai Office Director, CallisonRTKL

Shanghai, China

Anson Yang

Marketing Director, thyssenkrupp

Shanghai, China

Robert Spinache

Asia Product Line Manager, thyssenkrupp

Shanghai, China

Peter Chang

Asia Associate Director, MVRDV

Shanghai, China

Jie Zhang

General Manager, Shanghai Office, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

Shanghai, China

Founding Principal, EID Architecture

Shanghai, China

Xiaoguang Liu

Vice President, CallisonRTKL

Shanghai, China

Vice-Chief Engineer, China Academy of Building Research

Beijing, China




Committee of High-Rise Habitat Environment - ASC

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