Walking Tour

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Ottawa

Thursday, 20 October 2022 | Ottawa

Tour Locations

1. Bank of Canada (234 Wellington Street)
2. CBC Building (190 Sparks Street, 181 Queen Street)
3. reStay Ottawa (106 – 116 Sparks Street, 111 – 113 Queen Street)
4. Performance Court/Grant House (150 Elgin Street)
5. NCC Headquarters/Scottish Ontario Chambers (44 Sparks Street, 40 – 52 Elgin Street)


The Ottawa leg of the 2022 CTBUH Height and Heritage Global Walking Tour will explore a number of completed and proposed high-rise buildings in Ottawa's historic downtown. The completed high-rise buildings were constructed in the past five decades, and display characteristics of modernism, postmodernism, and contemporary architecture. New heights occur behind, around, or above the low-rise heritage resources. Historic buildings are often preserved in situ. In some cases, however,  they are reconstructed or relocated. The tour will discuss both "big-picture" issues such as the view planes that are used to protect views the Parliament and approaches to heritage preservation, as well as design and construction details through close observations of the interior and exterior spaces. 

Scenes from the day