Adapting Urban Density in the Age of Pandemics

Wednesday, 06 May 2020 | Online Event

As the world contends with the rippling effects of COVID-19, key questions have arisen around the responsiveness of dense cities with respect to the current crisis, and their ability to adapt to similar occurrences in the future.

CTBUH hosts a virtual discussion among top experts to uncover how the city-building industry is addressing this unprecedented challenge. CTBUH Chairman, Steve Watts, Partner, alinea Consulting, leads a panel discussion on topics ranging from building operations, to fresh urban design responses and technological solutions – with a focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration and consensus-building.

CTBUH is donating the proceeds from this launch event in support of the World Heath Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.


Suzanne MacCormick

Global Healthcare Business Growth Director, WSP
London, United Kingdom
Professor of Places and City Planning, University College London
London, United Kingdom

Robert Rottersman

Industrial Hygienist, Ramboll Group
Chicago, United States