CTBUH Chapter Event

CTBUH UK FLC Presents: The Leadenhall Building Tour hosted by RSHP

Wednesday, 19 October 2022 | The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4AB | London


Please join the CTBUH UK Future Leaders Committee for the first building tour of the 2022/2023 programme. Project architects RSHP will lead the tour of the Leadenhall Building, where their new offices are now located on level 14. The event will begin with networking followed by a tour led by RSHP.

Limited availability - reqister now to avoid missing out!



Leadenhall Building

The 50-storey Leadenhall Building rises to a height of 224.5 metres (802 feet), its slender form creating its own distinctive profile within an emerging cluster of tall buildings in the City of London. Angled at 10 degrees, its shape was developed from the earliest design stage and prompted by a requirement to respect views of St Paul’s Cathedral.
Instead of a traditional central core providing structural stability, the building employs a full perimeter braced tube which defines the edge of the rectangular office floor plates and creates stability under wind loads, while the circulation and servicing core is located in a detached north-facing tower.
The building’s envelope expresses the diversity of what it encloses, reinforcing the composition and providing legibility to the primary elements. Although the tower occupies the entire site, the scheme delivers an unprecedented allocation of public space – the lower levels are recessed on a raking diagonal to create a spectacular, sun-lit seven-storey high space complete with shops, and soft landscaped public space.

RSHP studio

The fit-out of the RSHP studio on Level 14 reinterprets the practice’s design philosophy as flexible, legible space which will be conducive to a collaborative approach to design. It takes full advantage of the shell and core design of the building by exposing the soffit and services to reveal the full height of the space. The Modelshop and server room are located within the main studio space, open to view as integral parts of the life of the practice. There are no ‘corner offices’ at RSHP, reflecting the democratic philosophy of the practice. Instead, the corners are given over to quiet space, for meetings, reflection, and relaxation.

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