CTBUH Turkey Presents: Renovation of High-Rise Buildings

Wednesday, 08 September 2021 | Online Event

Renovation of High Rise Buildings


The city of Istanbul ranks as #1 regarding the quantity of high-rise buildings between European cities. Although a large number of these buildings, which started to take over the historical city silhouette starting from 1970’s, lack the modern spatial and technical substance. Their facade performances, technical infrastructure and earthquake specifications suffer to catch today’s demanded technical standards and further pose threat to human health. Further on their inefficient use of world resources and poor energy performances needs significant update once considering their negative environmental impacts. For such and many similar reasons, the renovation/renewal of aging high-rise building stock, appears to be an urgent matter for the real estate market of Istanbul.  


In this webinar we will host 5 panelists who are experienced in renovation of high rises in terms of architecture, sustainability, façade engineering, MEP Engineering and real estate. Our keynote speaker Gerhard G. Feldmeyer from HPP Architects will be speaking in English whereas the rest of the webinar will be in Turkish.


Gerhard Feldmeyer, HPP – Architecture

Emre Ilıcalı, Altensis – Sustainability

Kaan Kuran, Innobuild – Façade

Mehmet Okutan, Okutan Engineering - MEP

Mehmet Mahir Mermer, JLL – Real Estate

Number of attendees: 1