Call for New Leaders

Monday, 20 July 2015 | Chicago

CTBUH seeks colleagues with a range of skills to join Leader Groups:


Two New Board of Trustee Members

The Board of Trustees, which is the Council's highest leadership body and helps to supervise and guide the Council’s work, seeks two new members to join. Particularly encouraged to apply: owner/developer and contractor disciplines, and/or Asia/Australasia, South America, and Europe geographies.


Six New Advisory Group Members

CTBUH seeks six new members to join the Advisory Group that convenes regularly to provide guidance to the Board of Trustees and steer specific Council objectives. Particularly encouraged to apply: owner/developer, contractor, urban planning, cost/letting/management, and MEP disciplines, and/or Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and South America geographies.


Working Groups

Contribute to an existing Working Group or restart/lead a new one, based on your expertise. Together with other professionals, drive the development of a new CTBUH Technical Guide.


Chapter/Regional Representation

Help establish a vital CTBUH presence in your local region by organizing tours, seminars, and other activities to engage local members.


Expert Peer Review Committee

Join our panel of highly qualified experts that evaluate Conference and Journal papers, and other research submissions. Particularly encouraged to apply: BIM/digital platforms, building management & operation, construction, development/economics, façades, interior design, project management, sociology/psychology, and sustainability.


Height and Data Committee

Facilitate key decisions on tall building height measurements, criteria, and "Tallest" titles. Particularly encouraged to apply: urban planning, humanities, and sociology backgrounds.


Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee

Collaborate with a talented international team to discuss important issues around the role of tall buildings within cities, and how those buildings affect the community, and contribute to important publications and other outputs.


Skyscraper Center Editorial Board

Join the passionate team of members from around the world who contribute to The Skyscraper Center, the largest free database on tall buildings.


Expert Chinese Translation Committee

Facilitate and review Chinese translations of Conference papers, CTBUH Journal papers, and other outputs, as we continue to build our presence in the China region.


Young Professionals Committee

Join or start a Young Professionals Committee in your city, to work in partnership with both established and emerging leaders in their fields. YPC is an ideal way to network with peers and find mentors in the industry.


Author a Paper

Contribute to the CTBUH's rich resource library of published research on tall buildings, which cover every facet of tall building inception, design, construction, and occupation.


Research Funding and Projects

Help secure financial support and get involved in projects led by the CTBUH Research Division, investigating the next generation of tall buildings.



Connect your higher-education institute to CTBUH to gain exposure for your academic projects, including research design studios, and other student/professor output.


To express interest or learn more, please contact CTBUH Leader Coordinator Jessica Rinkel at [email protected].