2019 International Conference on Sustainable Development of Construction Engineering

Saturday, 13 July 2019
7:00 am – 4:55 pm
Shanghai, China


In order to promote the development of super high-rise innovative technology and practice innovation, the 2019 International Conference on Sustainable Development of Construction Engineering will be held in Shanghai on July 13, 2019. It will be co-sponsored by Shanghai Society of Civil Engineering, Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Arcplus Group PLC.The theme of the conference is “Innovation Technology Development of Super High-Rise Building”. CTBUH is a supporting partner of this event. The conference will bring together a number of experts and scholars from high-level fields to focus on major academic theories and engineering practice issues on super high-rise construction technology and projects at home and abroad in the form of keynote reports, academic discussions, special topics exchanges, hot topics conversations, experience sharing, and results promotion. The innovative technological achievements of super high-rise buildings at home and abroad will be shared to promote China's super high-rise buildings to a more scientific, healthy and sustainable development path.

To register for this event, please contact China@CTBUH.org. Please note, check-in for the conference will take place on Friday, 12 July from 10:00 am – 10:00 pm.


7:00 am – Breakfast buffet

8:30 am – Opening ceremony

8:50 am – Keynote presentations (4 speakers)

10:50 am – Tea break

11:00 am – Keynote presentations (3 speakers)

12:00 pm – Lunch buffet

1:00 pm – Keynote presentations (7 speakers)

3:20 pm – Tea break

3:35 pm – Keynote presentations (4 speakers)

4:55 pm – Close

List of speakers