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2020 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference
5-7 Apr 2020, Chicago

The annual CTBUH Tall + Urban Innovation Conference explores and celebrates the very best in innovative tall buildings, urban spaces, building technologies, and construction practices.

2020 Singapore & Kuala Lumpur Conference
19 Oct-23 Nov 2020, Singapore

As the world moves toward becoming 70 percent urbanized, expansive thinking and planning needs to be undertaken now in order to ensure that cities can be places where people can thrive.

Wind Tunnel Tour with CTBUH Scandinavia FLC
5 Dec 2019, Copenhagen

Discover how wind tunnel experiments are carried out in practice on a wind tunnel tour at Svend Ole Hansen ApS, and come have a look at some of the tested wind tunnel models .

CTBUH Chairman to Keynote Egypt 2020 Skyscraper Conference
27-29 Feb 2020, Cairo

After the success of the 2019 Egypt's Skyscrapers Conference in Cairo, CTBUH is pleased to support the country's next skyscrapers conference from 27–29 of February.

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