CTBUH Canada: Vertical Building Additions

25 Sep 2019, Toronto

Neighborhoods are densifying. Zoning rules and planning entitlements are changing. What are the options and proven methods to add several stories to an existing high-rise tower?

Tall Building Demolition and Strategies in NYC

25 Sep 2019, New York City

CTBUH New York explores the ways that private companies try to tackle demolition and related issues. How does NYC confront aging buildings in a changing economy?

Facades+ Conference Chicago

27 Sep 2019, Chicago

The Façades+ conference series is a robust dialogue encompassing all things building skin—bridging the profession, industry, academia, operations, and ownership.

CFD and Wind Tunnels: State of the Art

3 Oct 2019, Copenhagen

Join CTBUH Scandinavia and the CTBUH Future Leaders Committee for a seminar on the cutting-edge technologies redefining environmental design in tall buildings.

CTBUH 2019 Chicago Congress

28 Oct-2 Nov 2019, Chicago

On the 50th anniversary of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s founding, the 10th World Congress returns to the Council’s home, and birthplace of the skyscraper: Chicago.

ETEM Façade Conference

16 Nov 2019, Sofia

Supported by CTBUH, the ETEM Façade Conference is a global forum for the latest façade technologies designed for creative architecture.