May 1, 2019

NEW YORK CITY – Design professionals from the CTBUH New York Chapter stopped in for year-end presentations by Pratt architecture students. As part of their Final Crit presentations, Pratt architecture students shared their research, findings and models about important urban design issues, while CTBUH members were able to volunteer, listen, and critique. The Chapter extends a special thanks to Kathleen Dunne, professor of Pratt’s fifth year architecture studio, who invited CTBUH to attend the event.

While students had the opportunity to present their work, CTBUH members and friends were also able to ask questions and learn from the students’ research on tall buildings and urban planning. Visitors saw a variety of 2D and 3D projects—all supported by insightful, detailed written and verbal presentations. In addition to the presentations themselves, the event provided an important networking opportunity for students, professors, CTBUH members, and friends.

This event was planned through CTBUH New York’s Educational Committee, which, as part of the Future Leaders Committee, strives to work with academic partners in creating a mentorship environment between young professionals and students, furthering the study of tall buildings and urban habitats. For more information on the CTBUH New York Chapter and for the latest updates on upcoming events in the area, visit its Chapter page.