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CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Presents: Public Common Space

4 Nov 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter presents a virtual seminar on public common spaces and the impact of the institutions that govern it.

CTBUH China Presents: Humanizing High Density: Sustainable Future Cities

17 Sep 2020, Shenzhen

Held at the 341-meter-tall Shenzhen Bay Tower 7, the conference, sponsored by Parkland, featured a myriad of presentations on optimizing wellness, comfort, and health in the built environment.

The CTBUH Chicago Chapter Presents: Design at its Finest: In the Neighborhoods First

25 Aug 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Chicago Chapter presents a virtual town panel discussion, where panelists will discuss inclusivity in design in the AEC industry.

The Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Modular Construction

5 Aug 2020, Online Event

As the world rethinks what the future of construction looks like, a panel of global experts share approaches to construction automation, factorization, and modularization.

The CTBUH Seattle Chapter Presents: The Future of Commuting in the Puget Sound Region

30 Jul 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Seattle Chapter convened a panel discussion investigating how individuals and companies will grapple with returning to work as Washington State moves into later phases of reopening.

CTBUH Webinar: Tall Building Design in Indonesia

30 Jul 2020, Jakarta

CTBUH presents a conversation about the design of tall building in Indonesia (note: Indonesian language program).

CTBUH New York Chapter Presents: A Look at Greenpoint Landing Block D

28 Jul 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH New York Chapter examines Greenpoint Landing Block D, an in-progress residential complex on Brooklyn's East River waterfront. Panelists discussed how the construction process on the project, which broke ground in November of 2019, adapted during COVID-19.

CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Presents: Uber Sky Tower: The Future of Space

23 Jul 2020, Online Event

What happens when we add vertical and three-dimensional travel to the speed of our urban experience? CTBUH Philadelphia conducts an in-depth look into the Uber Sky Tower.

Skybridges: Bringing the Horizontal into the Vertical Realm

2 Jul 2020, Shanghai

This symposium gathered many successful practitioners sharing their experiences and discussing the recreation of the urban realm in the sky through connections between buildings at height.

CTBUH Turkey Committee Presents: Future Design Trends in Construction

18 Jun 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Turkey Committee presents a discussion on the implications of COVID-19 on the design of construction projects.

CTBUH UK Future Leaders Committee Presents: How Have We Adapted to Become Resilient During our Toughest Time?

17 Jun 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH UK Chapter hosts a discussion on how different industries have adapted and what they have learned during current challenging times

Post-Pandemic High-Rise Operation & Development

16 Jun 2020, Online Event

This virtual event focuses on the future of post-pandemic high-rise office building operation and development.

Will Technology Save Us?! Smart Solutions & Future of Workplace

10 Jun 2020, Online Event

CTBUH hosted its second in a series of digital events about adapting the urban realm to a post-pandemic world. During this panel discussion, top experts share their perspective on the smart solutions they see consistently generating value and how they will help bring the workforce back to a safe and productive environment. This panel discussion was moderated by past CTBUH Chairman David Malott, Founder & CEO, AI.

CTBUH Turkey Event: Technological Changes to the Workplace

3 Jun 2020, Online Event

CTBUH Turkey held a discussion on how the global pandemic will impact the future of workplace and the construction industry.

CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Presents: Urban Habitat: The Future of Public Space

28 May 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter hosts a discussion on the future of urban planning and design in the aftermath of COVID-19.