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CTBUH New York Chapter Presents: Winter Social at RAMSA

26 Jan 2023, New York City

The CTBUH NY Chapter is pleased to invite you to a Post-Holiday Winter Social, kicking off the new year and highlighting some exciting updates in the NY Chapter. This event will be hosted by RAMSA, a renowned architecture firm with wide experience in residential, commercial, and institutional work in the US and around the world.

CTBUH Chicago 2023 Initiatives Meeting

9 Jan 2023, Chicago

CTBUH hosted an evening meeting at Unity Temple in Oak Park, welcoming the Chicago network of firms and wider community to discuss upcoming 2023 initiatives.

CTBUH Sri Lanka Presents: Colombo Forum 2022

15 Dec 2022, Colombo

The Colombo Forum 2022 will feature two key-note presentations, 'The Global Trends Towards Net Zero Tall Buildings' and 'Managing Project Risks in a Critical Economic Environment' and the launching of a Tall Building Guideline for Sri Lanka. The key-note lectures will be delivered by Prof. Priyan Mendis, Department of Infrastructure Engineering and Dr. Paulo Vaz-Serra, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne.

CTBUH Hong Kong International Conference 2022

9 Dec 2022, Hong Kong

CTBUH Hong Kong Chapter presents the 2022 International Conference addressing the topics of climate change, decarbonization, resilience, and sustainability.

CTBUH UK FLC Presents: Newfoundland and One Park Drive Building Tour

30 Nov 2022, London

Please join the CTBUH UK Future Leaders Committee for the Canary Wharf leg of the building tours for 22/23 event calendar!

CTBUH UK Future Leaders Presents Reuse & Adaptability: Are We Doing Enough?

23 Nov 2022, London

Join the UK CTBUH Chapter and Future leaders committee for a panel session and debate on building reuse and adaptability.

CTBUH Canada Presents Pathway to Net-Zero: What’s Next?

22 Nov 2022, Toronto

The CTBUH Canada Chapter is excited to announce its next event - a presentation on The Pathway to Net-Zero: What's Next? Join us for a deep dive into sustainability trends.

CTBUH Turkey Presents: Design & Construction in Tall Buildings

22 Nov 2022, Istanbul

Explore the projects, design and construction techniques, technologies, and approaches used for constructing tall buildings.

CTBUH Australia Chapter Presents: Design Excellence Series | Atlassian Central

22 Nov 2022, Sydney

CTBUH Sydney invites you to come and share in the next episode of our Design Excellence series for Atlassian Central.

CTBUH Indonesia Presents: Jakarta After Capital City

19 Nov 2022, Jakarta

CTBUH Indonesia led a discussion with Jakarta Property Institute, Government of Jakarta - Environmental Department and Center for Urban Design Studies on the future of Jakarta after the capital city moved to Nusantara, Indonesia's new capital city.

CTBUH France Chapter Presents Timber Industry Insurance: Where Are We?

18 Nov 2022, Paris

Hosted by the Mutuelle des Architectes MAF, the CTBUH French Chapter is pleased to invite you to an in-person and virtual discussion on comparative insurance practices relating to timberdesign and construction.

CTBUH UK FLC Presents: 8 Bishopsgate Building Tour hosted by Lendlease

2 Nov 2022, London

Please join the CTBUH UK Future Leaders Committee for our first ‘live’ building tour of the 2022/2023 programme. Main Contractor, Lendlease will lead the tour of 8 Bishopsgate which will include a brief presentation on the scheme and opportunity to see inside the scheme in its final few months of construction.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Shanghai

21 Oct 2022, Shanghai

The Global Walking Tours have been held since 2014 to celebrate urban habitat aspects that make cities great. This year's theme is Height and Heritage, visiting tall buildings incorporating or within heritage contexts.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Cape Town

21 Oct 2022, Cape Town

Join CTBUH for the 2022 Cape Town Global Walking Tour, starting at Prestwich Memorial. Along the route, each site will have a guest speaker that informs the group of the historical significance of the site and how this site affects and shapes the overall development of the city, or hinders it.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Los Angeles

21 Oct 2022, Los Angeles

The CTBUH California Committee is proud to lead a walking tour of Downtown Los Angeles as part of this year’s Global Walking Tour. The theme of Height and Heritage will focus on the integration of new tall buildings into the existing urban fabric. This tour will look at important historic sites alongside newly completed towers, proposed towers, and larger masterplans.