CTBUH News Archive

The below is an archive of CTBUH initiatives and activity. Organized reverse-chronologically, the archive includes conference and event reports; chapter, committee and other leader activity; research project updates; data study outputs; publication launches; award announcements; signboard ceremonies; and much more.

2021 Fazlur R. Khan Distinguished Lecture Series

15 Apr 2021, Online Event

The final lecture of Lehigh University's Fazlur R. Khan Distinguished Lecture Series, featuring P. Benson Shing, Professor, Dept .of Structural Engineering, UC San Diego, on 15 April.

CTBUH Toronto Future Leaders Committee Presents: The Future of Workspaces

7 Apr 2021, Toronto

The CTBUH Toronto Future Leaders Committee joins professionals from BDP Quadrangle to discuss the future of office spaces in high rise buildings.

Tall Timber and the Future City

1 Apr 2021, Online Event

Antony Wood, CEO of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, delivers the keynote presentation, 1 April 2021, at the International Mass Timber Conference (IMTC), taking place online.

CTBUH Florida Chapter Presents: Timber on the Rise, from Paris to Miami

4 Mar 2021, Online Event

The CTBUH Florida Chapter held a webinar that reviewed a case study on the Bruneseau Seine tower in Paris and the current state of research in wood construction in Miami.

CTBUH Chicago FLC Presents: Al Wasl Plaza

18 Feb 2021, Online Event

The CTBUH Chicago Future Leaders Committee held an informative virtual presentation on the Al Wasl Plaza on 18 February, 2021.

CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Presents: Building Tall & Going Deep in the San Francisco Bay Area

16 Feb 2021, Online Event

The CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter hosts a virtual seminar on the challenges of building tall in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Is Suburban High-Rise Development in the USA Good Enough?

4 Feb 2021, Online Event

Stephen Morales, Tom Bassett-Dilley, and Antony Wood discuss the current state of building development in Oak Park in a virtual webinar.

2021 CTBUH China New Year Talk: Future City

22 Jan 2021, Shanghai

CTBUH China holds a New Year Talk focusing on the theme "future city."

CTBUH Chicago FLC Presents: Wolf Point East

16 Dec 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Chicago Future Leaders Committee held a virtual presentation on Wolf Point East, the second tower in a series of three, situated on the historic Wolf Point site in Chicago.

CTBUH China Presents: Healthy & Sustainable City Development

12 Nov 2020, Beijing

This event explores how health and sustainability are vital in the process of urbanization, and explores strategies from leading urbanists about how to balance nature and well-being in dense environments.

CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Presents: Public Common Space

4 Nov 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter presents a virtual seminar on public common spaces and the impact of the institutions that govern it.

CTBUH China Presents: Humanizing High Density: Sustainable Future Cities

17 Sep 2020, Shenzhen

Held at the 341-meter-tall Shenzhen Bay Tower 7, the conference, sponsored by Parkland, featured a myriad of presentations on optimizing wellness, comfort, and health in the built environment.

The CTBUH Chicago Chapter Presents: Design at its Finest: In the Neighborhoods First

25 Aug 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Chicago Chapter presents a virtual town panel discussion, where panelists will discuss inclusivity in design in the AEC industry.

The Future of Advanced Manufacturing and Modular Construction

5 Aug 2020, Online Event

As the world rethinks what the future of construction looks like, a panel of global experts share approaches to construction automation, factorization, and modularization.

The CTBUH Seattle Chapter Presents: The Future of Commuting in the Puget Sound Region

30 Jul 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Seattle Chapter convened a panel discussion investigating how individuals and companies will grapple with returning to work as Washington State moves into later phases of reopening.