CTBUH News Archive

The below is an archive of CTBUH initiatives and activity. Organized reverse-chronologically, the archive includes conference and event reports; chapter, committee and other leader activity; research project updates; data study outputs; publication launches; award announcements; signboard ceremonies; and much more.

CTBUH 10th World Congress Workshops Confirmed

9 Jul 2019, Chicago

A series of half-day, on-site workshops in Chicago on important industry subjects will be held in conjunction with the CTBUH 10th World Conference.

6th China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum Held in Nara, Japan

5 Jul 2019, Nara

Organized under the theme, "Visiting Old, Learn New," this year's CTBUH-sponsored China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum drew more than 80 participants from five countries.

CTBUH India: Challenges to Elevatoring in India

5 Jul 2019, Mumbai

Join CTBUH India for a panel discussion and networking event on the challenges and opportunities of elevatoring particular to the Indian context.

CTBUH 2019 Global Walking Tour: 50 Forward | 50 Back

27 Jun 2019, Chicago

The CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee organized its sixth annual Global Walking Tours, which took place in 25 cities around the world.

10th World Congress: Initial Speakers Announced

26 Jun 2019, Chicago

CTBUH is pleased to announce the initial speakers for the CTBUH 10th World Congress, 50 Forward | 50 Back: The Recent History and Essential Future of Sustainable Cities.

Ninth Italian/International Tall Buildings Conference

25 Jun 2019, Milan

The ninth Italian/International Tall Buildings Conference drew some 350 participants for presentations and discussions featuring leading international experts.

CTBUH 50th Anniversary: Moments in History #6

24 Jun 2019, Chicago

CTBUH Moment in History #6 covers the emergence of the CTBUH Technical Guide in 2002. Designed for seekers of greater knowledge in best practices, designing, & operating tall buildings.

CTBUH Serbia Conference: Going Tall in Southeast Europe

19 Jun 2019, Belgrade

Join CTBUH Serbia for a regional conference, which promises to assemble leading architects, designers, construction experts, and developers for an engaging series of presentations.

CTBUH CEO Keynotes Egypt Skyscraper Conference

19 Jun 2019, Cairo

Egypt’s 2019 Skyscrapers Conference was held on 19 June, 2019 in Cairo, with the aim of showcasing the latest tall building technology and architecture.

Wind Effects on Tall Building Façade Systems

18 Jun 2019, Istanbul

CTBUH Turkey organized an educational seminar on the effects of wind on tall building façade systems, featuring presentations by academic and professional experts.

Latest Publication: The Sustainable Tall Building

17 Jun 2019, Chicago

The Sustainable Tall Building: A Design Primer is an accessible and highly illustrated guide, which primes those involved in the design and research of tall buildings.

First Skyscrapers | Skyscrapers First: Full Program Announced

6 Jun 2019, Chicago

View the full program for The First Skyscrapers | Skyscraper Firsts Symposium, held in conjunction with the CTBUH 10th World Congress in Chicago.

CTBUH 50th Anniversary: Moments in History #5

5 Jun 2019, Chicago

CTBUH Moment in History #5 reviews the significant expansion of the CTBUH Awards Program since its inception in 2002.

CTBUH Hosts Building Tall Lecture Series: Skyscrapers for All?

4 Jun 2019, Chicago

CTBUH hosted the latest installment in its ongoing lecture series, Building Tall, at the Chicago Architecture Center on June 4, 2019, examining the applicability of affordable housing.

Research Report Available: Ropeless Elevator Systems

30 May 2019, Chicago

In this research report, the implications of multidirectional elevator systems in tall buildings are explored.