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CTBUH UK FLC Presents: The Leadenhall Building Tour hosted by RSHP

18 Oct 2022, London

Please join the CTBUH UK Future Leaders for the first building tour of the 2022/2023 programme. The tour of the Leadenhall Building is hosted and led by the project architects at RSHP.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: London

14 Oct 2022, London

Join Dominic Bettison, Director at Wilkinson Eyre Architects for London's Height and Heritage Walking Tour. The tour will look at how heritage issues have helped shape London’s unique skyline and high-rise architecture.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Toronto

14 Oct 2022, Toronto

The CTBUH Canada Chapter is excited to host the Toronto 2022 Walking Tour as part of the Global #CTBUHWalks event! This year's tour focuses on the theme of "Height and Heritage."

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Manchester

14 Oct 2022, Manchester

Please join us for Manchester, England’s first CTBUH annual walk, beginning with a presentation by architectural commentator, Phil Griffin. The walk will offer incredible insight into Manchester’s unique heritage as we visit several buildings of significant interest along the route.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Sydney

14 Oct 2022, Sydney

Please join us on the 2022 Sydney edition of the annual walk starting this year at Quay Quarter Tower meeting on the corner of Customs House Lane and Young Street. Please bring comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for changeable weather. The tour kicks off at 2pm sharp.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Taipei

14 Oct 2022, Taipei

Join CTBUH for the 2022 Taipei Global Walking Tour, examining the theme of "Height and Heritage." The tour will begin on Dihua Street, a traditional street next to the Dadaocheng Wharf with many Japanese Colonial era shops and arcades.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: New York City

14 Oct 2022, New York City

Join the 2022 New York walk, exploring the global theme of “Height & Heritage” with a tour of lower Broadway, starting from Woolworth Building to One Madison.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Auckland

14 Oct 2022, Auckland

Join the Auckland 2022 CTBUH Walking Tour "Height & Heritage" hosted by Architectus.

CTBUH 2022 Global Walking Tour: Sofia

14 Oct 2022, Sofia

Join CTBUH Bulgaria for its sixth edition of the Global Walk. In line with this year's topic "Height and Heritage", we will explore landmark locations in Sofia featuring historical tall buildings as well as newly built high-rises. The group will walk around key locations in Sofia and reflect on the impact of the new builds and on Sofia's development strategy.

CTBUH Florida Presents: Aston Martin Residences - World Class Architecture and How to Build It

13 Oct 2022, Miami

Join CTBUH Florida for an evening of presentations at Toscana Divino on the ownership, architecture, structure, and construction of the Aston Martin Residences.

CTBUH Germany Presents: The Future City - Highrises and Sustainability

11 Oct 2022, Munich

Join CTBUH Germany for an event dedicated to the question of how sustainable high-rise buildings can actually be, and where the limits of what is feasible (and sensible) lie.

CTBUH India Presents: Human Health and the Built Environment

7 Oct 2022, Mumbai

Join CTBUH India for a seminar on human health and the built environment, followed by cocktails and dinner.

CTBUH Philadelphia Presents: Vertical Regeneration: Future Tall Buildings and Urban Density

3 Oct 2022, Philadelphia

Join the CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter for a featured presentation by President Antony Wood, a panel discussion, and networking reception.

CTBUH Expands Board of Trustees and Welcomes New Members

30 Sep 2022

Continuing a period of momentous change, the Council is excited to announce an expansion of its governing body, the Board of Trustees. Two new members will be welcomed at the 2022 International Conference in Chicago: Katrin Förster and David Seel.

CTBUH Austria Presents: Architecture, Sustainability and Timber from the Nordic Perspective

28 Sep 2022, Vienna

CTBUH Austria would like to invite you to two exciting presentation followed by a guided tour of the recently handed over DC3 tower.