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CTBUH 2023 Global Walking Tour: Sydney

29 Sep 2023, Sydney

Join CTBUH Sydney for their 2023 Walking Tour. Spaces are limited - register today to experience the balance of density, open space, and heritage which underpins the importance of balance in the development of our cities.

CTBUH 2023 Global Walking Tour: Chicago

28 Sep 2023, Chicago

Chicago's 2023 Global Walking Tour will focus on the South Branch of the Chicago River. The understanding and perception of the River Front has changed significantly over the years, which will become evident as we walk from south to north, from old to new, from past to present.  The variety of approaches to urban space and its relationship to the buildings it serves will be highlighted throughout the walk.

CTBUH 2023 Global Walking Tour: Ottawa

28 Sep 2023, Ottawa

ULI Ottawa and CTBUH invite you to participate in another exciting CTBUH-ULI global walking tour.

CTBUH France Chapter Presents: La Félicité tour and networking

28 Sep 2023, Paris

The CTBUH French Chapter in partnership with ABB and OTIS is pleased to welcome you for a presentation followed by a visit to the La Félicité real estate development.

CTBUH 2023 Global Walking Tour: New York City

28 Sep 2023, New York City

Exploring the humanistic aspects of density, this walk will offer a fascinating journey through various architectural styles and historical periods, showcasing the diverse and dynamic nature of New York City's built environment.

CTBUH UK Chapter Presents: Regenerative Design Roundtable

27 Sep 2023, London

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat UK chapter have been investigating the prominent topic of Regenerative Design. Through this, we hosted an event on 22nd February 2023, where we asked the question: Regenerative Design, is it possible?

CTBUH UK Presents: Sustainability Explained - Mitsubishi Estate London presents Warwick Court

26 Sep 2023, London

CTBUH UK invite you on a tour of Warwick Court, a sustainable reimagining of a landmark development.

CTBUH Chicago Presents: Tall Building Team Trivia

26 Sep 2023, Chicago

The Chicago Chapter of CTBUH is excited to announce the return of their Annual Tall Building Team Trivia Night. Questions will test participants' general knowledge in ways that integrate a Council twist. A four person team registration includes 2 drink tickets per team member, 2 appetizers per team, and the top 3 teams will win a cash prize!

CTBUH NYC Chapter Presents: 270 Park Ave

21 Sep 2023, New York City

Join the CTBUH NYC Chapter for an exclusive panel discussion diving deep into the architectural innovation and engineering prowess behind 270 Park Avenue. As a highlight of the event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to embark on a guided tour of the 270 Park Avenue construction site. Limited slots available!

Leadership Transition Announced by Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

21 Sep 2023

CTBUH announced a pivotal transition in its leadership: Board Chairman Steve Watts will be succeeded by Shonn Mills, a board member since 2020. The changeover will be formalized at the board of trustees meeting at the CTBUH 2023 International Conference, October 16–21, in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Temple Mazur Hall: Transformational Collaborative Space

21 Sep 2023, Philadelphia

The CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter is pleased to present a presentation and discussion around Urban Habitat featuring the award-winning project Mazur Hall at Temple University.

CTBUH Global Walking Tour 2023: Humanizing Density

21 Sep 2023

Led by the Urban Habitat Assembly, urban enthusiasts from around the world have been taking part in the annual CTBUH Global Walking Tour since 2014. In this 10th anniversary walk, we will be interested in exploring the human scale in relation to tall buildings and highlighting projects that pay special attention to this scale. Tours start in Auckland on 21 September and make their way westward.

CTBUH UK FLC Presents Sustainability Explained: RSHP presents LSE’s Centre Building

19 Sep 2023, London

Please join the CTBUH UK FLC for part one of the Sustainability Explained series, a tour of LSE’s Centre Building, which won the BREEAM Public Projects (Post Construction) Award in 2020 for its outstanding sustainable design.

Talking Timber: Designing Future Cities in Wood

19 Sep 2023, Chicago

Join us in picturing a future of cities cast in wood. Our panel of international architects and researchers will unveil transformative development plans, skyscrapers, and cutting-edge innovations harnessing mass timber for sustainable growth. This event is part of the Talking Timber lecture series, organized in conjunction with the Chicago Architecture Center’s mass timber exhibition, Reframed: The Future of Cities in Wood.

CTBUH UK Chapter Presents: Buildings by Boat 2023

14 Sep 2023, London

The CTBUH UK Chapter invite you to join them for an evening travelling down the River Thames to view and discuss the buildings of London.