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Will Technology Save Us?! Smart Solutions & Future of Workplace

10 Jun 2020, Online Event

CTBUH hosted its second in a series of digital events about adapting the urban realm to a post-pandemic world. During this panel discussion, top experts share their perspective on the smart solutions they see consistently generating value and how they will help bring the workforce back to a safe and productive environment. This panel discussion was moderated by past CTBUH Chairman David Malott, Founder & CEO, AI.

CTBUH Turkey Event: Technological Changes to the Workplace

3 Jun 2020, Online Event

CTBUH Turkey held a discussion on how the global pandemic will impact the future of workplace and the construction industry.

CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Presents: Urban Habitat: The Future of Public Space

28 May 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter hosts a discussion on the future of urban planning and design in the aftermath of COVID-19.

What does the Future Hold for the Construction Industry?

27 May 2020, Online Event

Given the rapidly shifting work environment brought by COVID-19, a panel of industry leaders will share their experiences & views on its lasting influence over the future of working.

CTBUH Florida Presents: A Panel Discussion on 1212 Aventura

21 May 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH Florida Chapter presents a webinar on 1212 Aventura, an upcoming mixed-use development located in Aventura, Florida. Attendees will hear from the project's designers and developer.

Vertical Transportation Guide Now Available (Digital Download)

12 May 2020

This digital primer from CTBUH provides an update on the latest technology and suggests approaches to implementation, arming the imaginative minds behind the design of tall buildings with a framework for understanding vertical transportation; one that will allow them to be more creative and effective as buildings become taller.

Adapting Urban Density in the Age of Pandemics

6 May 2020, Online Event

CTBUH hosts an online webinar panel of global experts discussing the future of urban density given the recent, unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.

CTBUH India Presents: Post-Pandemic Urban Design

27 Apr 2020, Online Event

The CTBUH India Chapter hosts its first online event, which addresses post-pandemic urban design. Speakers investigate the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the city of Mumbai, including addressing development as it impacts urban slums.

CTBUH Board of Trustees Welcomes Two New Members

22 Apr 2020

Scott Duncan, Partner, SOM and Shonn Mills, Global Director—High-Rise, Ramboll Group have joined the CTBUH Board of Trustees, the organization’s highest-level decision-making body.

CTBUH Florida Presents: A Virtual Panel on Resilience in South Florida

16 Apr 2020, Online Event

CTBUH Florida hosts a virtual panel, which features experts addressing resilience in South Florida.

Tallest 20 in 2020 – Then and Now

8 Apr 2020

In 2012, CTBUH published a research paper titled Tallest 20 in 2020: Era of the Megatall – The Projected World’s Tallest 20 Skyscrapers in the Year 2020. The CTBUH Research and Editorial teams reviewed the projections we made in 2012, the assumptions that guided them, and the roller-coaster reality of what has come hence.

A Personal Note from CTBUH Chairman Steve Watts

6 Apr 2020, London

Note from CTBUH Chairman, while we are forced apart by the COVID-19 pandemic, we can still work together.

Council Releases CTBUH Journal 2020, Issue II

30 Mar 2020

In this issue, review the dominant trends behind the 2020 Award of Excellence Winners, learn how the tall building industry is preparing for the new future of unmanned flying vehicles, and more!

CTBUH Canada FLC: Fire Dynamics in Timber Structures

18 Mar 2020, Toronto

The CTBUH Canada Future Leaders Committee is excited to announce its next event - a presentation on Fire Dynamics in Large Open Timber Structures given by Professor John Gales from York

CTBUH Chicago Presents: A Panel Discussion on Chicago Building Code Modernization

18 Feb 2020, Chicago

The CTBUH Chicago Chapter held for a panel discussion focused on the latest Chicago Building Code Modernization as it relates to high-rise building design.