Starting with the most recent coverage, CTBUH News reports on the Council's initiatives and activities, including chapter, committee, and other leader activity; research project updates; data study outputs; publication launches; award announcements; signboard ceremonies; conference and event reports; and more.

CTBUH Restructures and Expands Board of Trustees

21 Nov 2019, Chicago

To facilitate the continued growth of the Council, and to reinforce the organization’s multidisciplinary mission, the CTBUH Board of Trustees has been expanded from 8 to 13 members and now features “seats” that represent distinct industry sectors. The Council is now seeking applications for four open board seats on the restructured Board of Trustees across multiple disciplines.

Design Excellence Competition: 10 Valentine Avenue

20 Nov 2019, Sydney

Join the CTBUH Australia Chapter's Sydney Committee for the next episode of its Design Excellence series, featuring the competition design thinking for 10 Valentine Avenue.

ETEM Façade Conference

16 Nov 2019, Sofia

Supported by CTBUH, the ETEM Façade Conference is a global forum for the latest façade technologies designed for creative architecture.

Journal 2019 Issue IV Released

14 Nov 2019, Chicago

In this issue, you'll find a Case Study of Vista Tower, Chicago, Talking Tall: The Garden City in Three Dimensions with Moshe Safdie, and Steel and Skyscrapers: A Productive History and a Sustainable Future.

2019 Chicago CTBUH 10th World Congress Proceedings

14 Nov 2019, Chicago

This collection of papers, which were originally presented at the 2019 World Congress, represents a critical reflection on both the skyscraper typology and urban development as a whole, by marking their trajectory to date, and considering the evolutions that must take place to accommodate a dynamic and uncertain global future.

2019 Chicago CTBUH 10th World Congress Abstracts

14 Nov 2019, Chicago

This collection of abstracts serves as a gateway to the presentations given at the CTBUH 10th World Congress.

CTBUH Chicago Chapter Presents: Revitalizing Urban Communities with Juan Gabriel Moreno

12 Nov 2019, Chicago

How can reuse and revitalization projects play a role in supporting the growth of an urban community? The CTBUH Chicago Chapter addresses these questions in this presentation.

CTBUH China: Vision of Future Headquarters

8 Nov 2019, Hangzhou

This international symposium on “Headquarters Design” gathers successful practitioners to share their experiences in the design of headquarter buildings.

CTBUH Seattle Chapter Fall Workshop: 50 Forward / 50 Back

7 Nov 2019, Seattle

The CTBUH Seattle Chapter hosts its annual fall workshop, discussing upcoming building code updates and urban planning for density.

CTBUH China: Smart City, Intelligent Building

7 Nov 2019, Shanghai

This CTBUH International Symposium brings together innovators from the fields of information technology, architectural design, structural technology, materials and equipment, and more.

CTBUH 2019 Chicago Congress

28 Oct-2 Nov 2019, Chicago

On the 50th anniversary of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’s founding, the 10th World Congress returns to the Council’s home, and birthplace of the skyscraper: Chicago.

CTBUH Board of Trustees Meets in Chicago

28 Oct 2019, Chicago

CTBUH Board of Trustees Meets in Chicago

CTBUH France: Global Walking Tour and Chapter Inauguration

10 Oct 2019, Paris

As part of the 2019 Global Walking Tour, CTBUH France organized a tour of Trinity Tower, which also served as the inauguration of the new Chapter.

CTBUH Canada FLC: Canary District & Sidewalk Labs Walking Tour

9 Oct 2019, Toronto

The CTBUH Canada FLC hosts a walking tour that guides attendees through the Canary District and the planning and construction of Sidewalk Labs.

CTBUH 10th World Congress: 50 Most Influential Buildings of the Last 50 Years

8 Oct 2019, Chicago

CTBUH has highlighted best practice examples of tall buildings that represented a significant change in thinking or technique.