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CTBUH 2021 International Conference

8-12 Nov 2021

The CTBUH 2021 International Conference is unlike any other, comprising CTBUH chapter events staged across multiple times zones around the world.

Should Coastal Cities Abandon the Shoreline in Order to Survive Rising Seas?

11 Nov 2021

Climate change-driven sea level rise is anticipated to range from just over half a meter to perhaps as many as three meters over the course of the next hundred years or so. A substantial number of the world’s cities, with their coastal or low-lying locations, will have to contend with the rising tide in one way or another. This begs the question: Will we see a megacity forced to relocate inland?

CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter Presents: Living Off the Land

13 Oct 2021, Online Event

The Philadelphia Chapter of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) together with the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania has assembled a panel of thought leaders for a symposium to address food security, public common space, and how architecture can provide a self sustaining physical, cultural, and economic model for cities.

2021 CTBUH Journal Issue III Available

29 Sep 2021

CTBUH Journal 2021, Issue III, addresses the topic of carbon from a variety of angles, including best practices in tall building design towards net-zero, emissions reduction strategies, and the role of embodied carbon, among others.

CTBUH Refutes Conspiracy Theories Regarding 9/11, and the Rejection of Science in Society

9 Sep 2021

Twenty years ago, the World Trade Center collapsed due to terrorist attacks on 9/11. We reject the promulgation of false information and affirm our support of the scientific evidence about the cause of the World Trade Center collapse.

9/11 Was Supposed to End the Age of Skyscrapers. Instead, There are More Now than Ever

8 Sep 2021

CTBUH CEO Antony Wood quoted in the San Francisco Chronicles article featuring San Francisco's skyline changes, 20 years since the 9/11.

CTBUH Study Reviews 30 Years of Data

8 Sep 2021

This data study explores tall building development, visualizing how many of the world’s tallest buildings were built since 2001 and the shifts in geographic growth of tall buildings, among other data. Was 9/11 a catalyst for skyscraper growth? Read more.

The Impact: A World Changed

1 Sep 2021

CTBUH CEO Antony Wood featured in American Society of Civil Engineers article on and shared research on how 9/11 may have actually increased the construction of skyscrapers globally.

CTBUH China Presents: Near-Ground Spaces in and between Tall Buildings

29 Jul 2021, Shanghai

CTBUH China holds a symposium on the theme "Near-Ground Spaces in and between Tall Buildings“. The event is held at Xintiandi, Shanghai.

CTBUH Expands Executive Leadership to Increase Impact of Council

28 Jul 2021, Chicago

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat recently announced a transformational new organizational structure, a recommitment to thought leadership and research for future cities, new opportunities for member engagement, and a major expansion in leadership.

China is the Capital of Supertall Skyscrapers. Why is it Banning Them?

22 Jul 2021

CTBUH CEO Antony Wood quoted in Fast Company article on China's new guidelines prohibiting the approval of any new buildings taller than 500 meters (1,640 feet).

CTBUH Poised for Growth: New Volunteer Opportunities and Leadership Changes

21 Jul 2021, Chicago

CTBUH would like to tell you about a pivotal new model for the organization that is more member-driven and offers greater opportunities for a broader range of members to make a meaningful difference in the Council’s activities.

CTBUH Seeking Applications and Nominations for Chief Executive Officer

21 Jul 2021, Chicago

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat welcomes applications and nominations for its next Chief Executive Officer.

CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter: Walking Tour of University City

15 Jul 2021, Philadelphia

Join the CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter on a walking tour of University City. The tour will be followed by a networking event at Sunset Social atop Cira Green. Come out for some in-person networking and catch-up with colleagues! This program will be submitted for AIA credit. Sponsorship opportunities are available now.

CTBUH France Chapter Walking Tour: DUO Towers

1 Jul 2021, Paris

Imagined by architect Jean Nouvel (AJN), the DUO Towers embody a new urban breath and the desire for a new quality of city, inspired and shared. The DUO Towers (carried by Ivanhoe Cambridge Europe) will be a setting for a hotel on ten levels comprising 139 rooms, a restaurant, a bar with panoramic terrace, imagined and designed by Philippe Starck.