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CTBUH Global Walking Tour 2023: Humanizing Density

21 Sep 2023

Led by the Urban Habitat Assembly, urban enthusiasts from around the world have been taking part in the annual CTBUH Global Walking Tour since 2014. In this 10th anniversary walk, we will be interested in exploring the human scale in relation to tall buildings and highlighting projects that pay special attention to this scale. Tours start in Auckland on 21 September and make their way westward.

CTBUH NYC Chapter Presents: 270 Park Ave

21 Sep 2023, New York City

Join the CTBUH NYC Chapter for an exclusive panel discussion diving deep into the architectural innovation and engineering prowess behind 270 Park Avenue. As a highlight of the event, attendees will have the unique opportunity to embark on a guided tour of the 270 Park Avenue construction site. Limited slots available!

Temple Mazur Hall: Transformational Collaborative Space

21 Sep 2023, Philadelphia

The CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter is pleased to present a presentation and discussion around Urban Habitat featuring the award-winning project Mazur Hall at Temple University.

Leadership Transition Announced by Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

21 Sep 2023

CTBUH announced a pivotal transition in its leadership: Board Chairman Steve Watts will be succeeded by Shonn Mills, a board member since 2020. The changeover will be formalized at the board of trustees meeting at the CTBUH 2023 International Conference, October 16–21, in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

CTBUH UK FLC Presents Sustainability Explained: RSHP presents LSE’s Centre Building

19 Sep 2023, London

Please join the CTBUH UK FLC for part one of the Sustainability Explained series, a tour of LSE’s Centre Building, which won the BREEAM Public Projects (Post Construction) Award in 2020 for its outstanding sustainable design.

Talking Timber: Designing Future Cities in Wood

19 Sep 2023, Chicago

Join us in picturing a future of cities cast in wood. Our panel of international architects and researchers will unveil transformative development plans, skyscrapers, and cutting-edge innovations harnessing mass timber for sustainable growth. This event is part of the Talking Timber lecture series, organized in conjunction with the Chicago Architecture Center’s mass timber exhibition, Reframed: The Future of Cities in Wood.

CTBUH UK Chapter Presents: Buildings by Boat 2023

14 Sep 2023, London

The CTBUH UK Chapter invite you to join them for an evening travelling down the River Thames to view and discuss the buildings of London.

CTBUH Australia Presents: City Tattersalls Design Excellence Event

12 Sep 2023, Sydney

CTBUH Australia invites you to come and share in the next episode of our Design Excellence series in Sydeney as we discuss the competition design thinking for CIty Tattersalls. Please join us for cheese and wine as we hear from this influential line up of shortlisted firms at 255 Pitt Street, generously hosted by BVN.

CTBUH 2023 Americas Conference Summary Report

8 Sep 2023

At the inaugural CTBUH 2023 Americas Conference, “Green(er) Capital: Investing in a Sustainable Urban Future” held in Seattle at the Lotte Hotel from 11-12 May, there was a consensus on the importance of looking beyond the word “sustainable” as a catch-all. Instead, the emphasis was on how the intertwined industries of development, engineering, design, and policy can come together to work towards and creatively achieve a more resilient future for vertical urbanism.

CTBUH Canada Presents: The ONE Construction Tour

6 Sep 2023, Toronto

The CTBUH Canada Chapter is excited to announce our next event: a Construction Tour of The ONE, Canada's first supertall tower.

Performance-Based Facade Design Seminar & Workshop

4-5 Sep 2023, Venice

Join CTBUH for the two-day Performance-Based Façade Design initiative curated by Angela Mejorin (Western University) and hosted by Dario Trabucco (Iuav & CTBUH), at Università Iuav di Venezia.

CTBUH UK Presents: Carbon Gap - The disconnect from design to completion

5 Sep 2023, London

Join the CTBUH UK for an eye-opening discussion on the disconnection between design and procurement when it comes to carbon emissions.

CTBUH UK Chapter Presents: Talk & Tour of The Black & White Building

15 Aug 2023, London

Join the UK Chapter on Tuesday 15th August for a talk and tour of The Black & White Building, a statement of sustainable design principals and Central London’s tallest mass timber office building.

Talking Timber: Will Chicago Embrace Wooden High Rises?

9 Aug 2023, Chicago

Is Chicago, home of the Great Fire and stringent building codes, ready to embrace tall timber construction? Find out when our panelists get together to discuss local and regional precedents, structural research, and evolving codes and attitudes. This event is part of the Talking Timber lecture series, organized in conjunction with the Chicago Architecture Center’s mass timber exhibition, Reframed: The Future of Cities in Wood.

CTBUH India Presents Facade: A Roadmap to 2070 - Carbon Neutrality

28 Jul 2023, Mumbai

The CTBUH India chapter organized a façade-centric seminar with a central theme covering India’s targeted commitment of being a carbon neutral economy by the year 2070 and the role buildings will play in contributing towards the target.