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Initial Delegate List Now Available on the CTBUH Events App

30 Jul 2019, Chicago

We are pleased to release the list of delegates registered so far for the CTBUH 10th World Congress. The list will continue to grow as the date approaches.

CTBUH 50th Anniversary: Moments in History #7

29 Jul 2019, Chicago

CTBUH Moment in History #7 documents the making of the current CTBUH Journal, from it’s founding as a mailed newsletter in 1970.

CTBUH NY Hosts Seminar on Co-Living

25 Jul 2019, New York City

50 attendees convened to explore the benefits and challenges of co-living as a developing housing model, where residents share living spaces, resources, and interests.

Tour 110 North Wacker with CTBUH Chicago (Sold Out)

25 Jul 2019, Chicago

Join the Chicago Chapter of the CTBUH in exploring the design and construction of 110 North Wacker, an under-construction 57-story office tower.

Now Available: Tall Building Security Technical Guide

25 Jul 2019, Chicago

This guide explores critical tall building security factors—such as site context, asset identification, access control systems, and positioning.

CTBUH Holds Half-Day Skybridges Symposium

18 Jul 2019, Beijing

More than 100 attendees gathered at Linked Hybrid for a symposium held in conjunction with the forthcoming skybridge research project, “Bringing the Horizontal Into the Vertical Realm.”

CTBUH 10th World Congress: Initial Keynote Speakers Announced

17 Jul 2019, Chicago

Take a look at the initial keynote speakers for the CTBUH 10th World Congress who'll share their perspectives on tall buildings and urban development.

10th World Congress Reception: Step Onto the Willis Tower Ledge

11 Jul 2019, Chicago

This special reception will give VIPs the opportunity to let loose in the fantastic setting of Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Chicago’s current tallest building (442 meters).

CTBUH 10th World Congress Workshops Confirmed

9 Jul 2019, Chicago

A series of half-day, on-site workshops in Chicago on important industry subjects will be held in conjunction with the CTBUH 10th World Conference.

6th China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum Held in Nara, Japan

5 Jul 2019, Nara

Organized under the theme, "Visiting Old, Learn New," this year's CTBUH-sponsored China-Japan-Korea Tall Building Forum drew more than 80 participants from five countries.

CTBUH India: Challenges to Elevatoring in India

5 Jul 2019, Mumbai

Join CTBUH India for a panel discussion and networking event on the challenges and opportunities of elevatoring particular to the Indian context.

CTBUH 2019 Global Walking Tour: 50 Forward | 50 Back

27 Jun 2019, Chicago

The CTBUH Urban Habitat / Urban Design Committee organized its sixth annual Global Walking Tours, which took place in 25 cities around the world.

10th World Congress: Initial Speakers Announced

26 Jun 2019, Chicago

CTBUH is pleased to announce the initial speakers for the CTBUH 10th World Congress, 50 Forward | 50 Back: The Recent History and Essential Future of Sustainable Cities.

Ninth Italian/International Tall Buildings Conference

25 Jun 2019, Milan

The ninth Italian/International Tall Buildings Conference drew some 350 participants for presentations and discussions featuring leading international experts.

CTBUH 50th Anniversary: Moments in History #6

24 Jun 2019, Chicago

CTBUH Moment in History #6 covers the emergence of the CTBUH Technical Guide in 2002. Designed for seekers of greater knowledge in best practices, designing, & operating tall buildings.