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Doha Tower Tech

12-15 Oct 2009, Doha

CTBUH Research & Communications Manager Jan Klerks and Trustee William Maibusch represented the CTBUH as the guests of honor during the TowerTech fair in Doha.

40 Years of the CTBUH – Chairman Reflections

Sep 2009, Chicago

For its 40th anniversary, the CTBUH has collected the reflections of some past chairmen, which will be published in a commemorative brochure to be distributed at the Chicago conference.

Next CTBUH Chair visits CTBUH HQ

27-28 Aug 2009, Chicago

Professor Sang Dae Kim of Korea University, due to take over as CTBUH Chair in October 2009, visited the CTBUH offices for a 2-day meeting.

Singapore Visit

12-14 Aug 2009, Singapore

Executive Director Antony Wood shares his recent experiences of a new and exciting Singapore which has, in a quiet, unpretentious way, been implementing social-urban policies.

CTBUH Summer Tour - Blue Cross Blue Shield Tower

17 Jul 2009, Chicago

The final tour of the CTBUH Summer Study Tour series was held at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Headquarters in downtown Chicago.

CTBUH Chicago Helicopter Tour

5 Jul 2009, Chicago

CTBUH members toured many of the extensive Chicago skyscrapers as part of the Chicago Skyscrapers Summer Tour Program.

CTBUH Summer Tours - Aqua Tower

19 Jun 2009, Chicago

The crown jewel of Chicago’s Lakeshore East master planned community, Aqua Tower, was the subject for the second in the series of CTBUH Summer Tours.

CTBUH Trump Tower Tour

29 May 2009, Chicago

CTBUH staff had a most informative tour of Chicago skyline’s newest feature, the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

CTBUH Summer Tall Tours Underway – Legacy at Millennium Park

22 May 2009, Chicago

The first of three CTBUH construction tours held in Chicago during the summer of 2009 was attended by 30 people, at the Legacy.

Inaugural Fire & Safety Meeting

18-19 May 2009, Chicago

The CTBUH’s Fire & Safety Working Group convened for a one and a half day meeting at the offices of Schirmer Engineering on 18th-19th May.

Fire & Safety Working Group Meeting

18-19 May 2009, Chicago

The CTBUH’s Fire & Safety Working Group convened for a one and a half day meeting at the offices of Schirmer Engineering.

2009 Mock Firms Competition

8 May 2009, Chicago

CTBUH staff Antony Wood, Jan Klerks and Philip Oldfield were involved in the reviews of the "Mock Firms National Skyscraper Challenge" organized by Chicago Architecture Today.

Tall & Green: The Remaking of Mumbai - Final Reviews

7 May 2009, Chicago

The culmination of a semester of intense work for the students and tutors involved in the CTBUH-IIT ‘Tall & Green: The Remaking of Mumbai’ advanced architectural studio.

Discovering Asia, from Moscow

23 Apr-2 May 2009, Shanghai

Elena Shuvalova, the CTBUH Country Representative for Russia reports on the 4th Russian Intellectual Business.

CTBUH Seismic Working Group Workshop

30 Apr-2 May 2009, Austin

Michael Willford, Andrew Whittaker and John Hooper led a session at the 2009 ASCE SEI Congress in Austin, Texas, on the seismic design of high-rise buildings.