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TALL TIMBER: The Future of Cities in Wood

21 Feb-1 Sep 2024, New York City

TALL TIMBER, a new exhibition curated by The Skyscraper Museum, focuses on Mass Timber high-rises, and is based, in part, on the exhibition REFRAMED. REFRAMED was co-curated by the Chicago Architecture Center (CAC) and the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat and presented by the Softwood Lumber Board at the CAC from April 25, 2023 through January 7, 2024.

CTBUH New York Presents: Innovation Symposium

25 Jun 2024, New York City

Join the CTBUH NYC Chapter to learn how with AI as our ally, we can tackle the built environment’s most pressing challenges.

CTBUH 2024 China Conference

20 Jun 2024, Qingdao

Join us in Qingdao on 20 June for the CTBUH 2024 China Conference. The conference will combine global research and practice from various professional fields within the industry to jointly explore the development path of urban strategic transformation and organic growth.

CCHRB 2024 Scholarship Seminar: Beyond Sustainability; Towards Carbon Neutrality

20 Jun 2024, Chicago

Join the Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings for their 13th Annual Scholarship Seminar, Co-sponsored by CTBUH. This year's topic will provide a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the thinking and approaches in the rapidly evolving field of Sustainability with an emphasis on tall buildings, presented by national and internationally recognized leaders in the field.

CTBUH Toronto Presents: Crafting Urban Identities with Tall Buildings

19 Jun 2024, Toronto

Join CTBUH Canada | Toronto for an exciting presentation and roundtable discussion.

CTBUH UK FLC Presents: The Timber Series – Paradise

19 Jun 2024, London

Please join the CTBUH UK FLC for a tour of Paradise, where we will be discovering more about the structural and sustainability potential of timber in the construction industry.

CTBUH Philadelphia Presents: East Market Redevelopment - A Decade in the Making

17 Jun 2024, Philadelphia

Join the CTBUH Philadelphia Chapter for this this highly anticipated event! The culmination of a decade-long effort: the East Market redevelopment project has come to fruition. Spanning 4 acres, it bridges Philadelphia's historic and business districts, creating a vibrant community space.

CTBUH Vancouver Chapter Walking Tour

13 Jun 2024, Vancouver

Join Dan Lenander of CTBUH Vancouver for a walking tour of some of the great buildings in Downtown Vancouver, starting with the recently completed Kengo Kuma tower.

CTBUH UK FLC Presents: The Timber Series - Mossbourne Community Academy

12 Jun 2024, London

Please join the CTBUH UK FLC on a tour of Mossbourne Community Academy, in which we will be discussing the structural and sustainable potentials of timber in the industry.

CTBUH NYC Presents: Ever Upward - Skyscrapers in the 21st Century, a Book Panel Discussion

11 Jun 2024, New York City

Skyscrapers today remain controversial, yet they are getting taller and more numerous. This panel discussion will feature two authors discussing their recent books on supertall skyscrapers. The panel will be moderated by Peyman Askari, Founding Principal of PAN Partners and the CTBUH New York Chapter Co-Chair & Advisory Board.

EuroCham Tall Building Forum 2024

30 May 2024, Phnom Penh

For its 3rd Edition, the Tall Building Forum will be held in two vibrant locations: on the 28th of May in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and on the 30th in the dynamic city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia at Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra. Both forums will share common themes: The Trends of Tall Buildings in 2024 in Southeast Asia, sustainability concepts related to tall buildings, affordability, and the latest technologies.

CTBUH Philadelphia Presents: Navigating the Future at the Navy Yard

29 May 2024, Philadelphia

Come see the Navy Yard Plan in action! Learn about its vision, progress, and future plans. Take a tour of completed projects and join the discussion to understand this transformative initiative.

Timber & steel: How conducting an LCA can inform decision making in complex buildings

28 May 2024

Join One Click LCA and CTBUH for this livestream Q&A session to learn how you can integrate a steel-timber hybrid into your project, and the best method for performing an LCA for your use case.


28 May 2024, Mumbai

On Tuesday, 28 May, CTBUH India will host ARCHFOLIO, with international and local designers Ren Yee + Tom Minderhoud - UNStudio and Karl Wadia + Apoorva Sharma - AHC. They will be sharing best practice of urban planning and design thinking and how it applies to the future of Mumbai.

EuroCham Tall Building Forum 2024

28 May 2024, Ho Chi Minh City

Led by the Construction Sector Committee of EuroCham Vietnam and co-organized by EuroCham Cambodia, the Tall Building Forum 2024 aims to provide profound insights into the present and future trends of high-rise buildings in Vietnam. For its 3rd Edition, the event will be held in two vibrant locations: on the 28th of May in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and on the 30th in the dynamic city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.