CTBUH Expands Executive Leadership to Increase Impact of Council

28 JULY 2021

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) recently announced a transformational new organizational structure, a recommitment to thought leadership and research for future cities, new opportunities for member engagement, and a major expansion in leadership. In line with this news, the Council is pleased to share with you our vision for expanding our executive leadership. This expansion will allow the Council to focus on the next phase of growth.   

The Council is investing in thought-leadership and global industry research to address the complex relationships among policy, buildings, people, urban density, urban space, interior space, and infrastructure. Our current CEO, Dr. Antony Wood, will lead this endeavor. As you may know, he is an internationally recognized expert in the sustainable design of tall buildings, and also holds several academic posts. Since 2006, CTBUH has experienced major growth under his leadership. Therefore, Dr. Wood is assuming the role of President of CTBUH and will be leading the recruitment of a new CEO as part of the larger organization. In his new role, Dr. Wood will focus on research, academic affairs and thought leadership, as well as serve as a global ambassador and a public face for CTBUH.

The incoming CEO will complement Dr. Wood’s role and will work with the Board of Trustees to drive success and growth in all aspects of the Council’s operation. This leader will assume responsibility over an organization with many strong fundamentals and the potential for significant growth. As the world’s attention focuses on the future of cities and urban development after the impact of COVID-19, the Council’s mission becomes ever more critical. CTBUH also enjoys a high level of credibility among its membership and the public with an interest in tall buildings and is making strides to become more member-driven. Thanks to responsible fiscal management, CTBUH is emerging from the pandemic in a strong financial position. The desire of the Board of Trustees is for the successful CEO candidate to leverage these fundamentals to scale the organization for increased engagement, impact, and growth.

The new CEO position will have several immediate priorities including:

  • Working with the Board of Trustees to evaluate and refine the Council’s mission and brand and develop a strategic vision to enable the organization to reach its maximum potential. The new CEO will align and manage resources to deliver on this vision.

  • Ensure the success of its evolving governance structure to invite more member involvement and support its Board of Trustees to direct the efforts of a more engaged membership. 

  • Drive success and growth in all aspects of the Council’s operation, including events, membership, leaders/committees, its network of international chapters and regional representatives, and publications, among others. The CEO will have full responsibility for setting the annual budget, in conjunction with the Trustees, and delivering on both revenue and expense targets.

If you know of someone who would be an ideal candidate for this critical role, please share the CEO job description or email [email protected] to nominate someone. Your referrals are appreciated. The Board of Trustees and staff at CTBUH are excited about the next phase of growth. With these new strategic changes—in new volunteer leadership opportunities, and our increased focus and investment in research and thought-leadership—CTBUH will be uniquely poised as a leader in tall and urban issues and solutions. 

Thank you for your continuing support of our nonprofit mission.

Steve Watts, Chairman
[email protected]

Antony Wood, Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]