Building of Distinction: Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin, China
Height: 530 m / 1,740 ft

Tallest Building in the North Region of China
Title Conferred: June 2020

Client: K11 ATELIER

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Plaque declaring Haitian Center "Tallest Building in Shandong Province"


In June 2020, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) verified the 530-meter Tianjin CTF Finance Centre as the tallest building in the north region of China with an official signboard.

On behalf of CTBUH, Jianping Gu, CTBUH China Board, and Jiaqi Qu, China Office Associate Director, presented the official notification of “tallest building in the north region of China.” Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is known as "the drill of the north" because of the natural undulating external wall system, and has become a rare landmark grade complex and new business card of Tianjin. Meanwhile, it plays an important role in promoting the economic development of the region and the city through multi-functional layout.

The form of architectural design comes from the fluid geometric modeling of art, humanity, and nature, which can maintain the fluent and coherent visual expression, at the same time, maximize the utilization rate, reduce the span of wind force and corner structure, integrate the efficient design, and become a model for future super tall buildings.

It covers K11 atelier, a Class-A office building, K11 select shopping Art Center, service apartment, art boutique hotel, and many other formats of Cultural retail destination with artistry and sense of future in North China. It brings a new and unique experience for Binhai New Area by integrating art appreciation, humanistic experience, natural greening and commercial exchanges.

Celebration is given after the unveiling of the signboard.
Liangjun Zhang, director of K11 North China, spoke in the certification and unveiling ceremony.
Tower crown at 530 meters, panoramic view of the landscape of Binhai New Area.
Jianping Gu, CTBUH China Board, delivers a speech at the signboard unveiling ceremony.
From left to right: Yanqi Huang, project leader of New World in North and Northeast China; Jianping Gu, CTBUH China Board; Zhaolong Zuo, financial director of Tianjin New World Bohai Real Estate Development Co., Ltd; Liangjun Zhang, director of K11 North China.
Tianjin CTF Finance Centre as the tallest building in the north region of China.