Building of Distinction: Shenzhen Galaxy Twin Towers

Shenzhen Galaxy Twin Towers

Shenzhen, China
Height: Height: 356 m / 1,168 ft

Tallest Twin Buildings of Equal Height in China
Title Conferred: December 2021

Client: Galaxy Industry Group

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In December 2021, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) verified Shenzhen Galaxy Twin Towers as 356 m / 1168 ft. After completion in 2023, it will be certified as "Tallest Twin Buildings of Equal Height in China."

Shenzhen Galaxy Twin Towers is located on the central axis of Shenzhen, standing in the bay area of the city skyline. As a major part of the 1.6 million-square meter Galaxy WORLD upgrade—with a total construction area of over 360,000 square meters—it consists of east-west twin towers with 73 floors above the ground. The building contains high-end business offices, a helipad, aerial corporate headquarters lobbies, shared conference centers, and restaurants.

The comprehensive use of a number of innovative technologies and multiple space facilities the vertical function differentiation creates a three-dimensional city in the sky that can accommodate nearly 30,000 people working and living. create a green, healthy, smart, and safe super high-rise landmark, and an office scene where nature, architecture and people coexist harmoniously.

Winning this certification symbolizes the breakthrough and innovation of supertall building technology as seen in the Shenzhen Galaxy Twin Towers.

After completion in 2023, Shenzhen Galaxy Twin Towers will be certified as "Tallest Twin Buildings of Equal Height in China."
Multi-dimensional hardware assistance ensures the safe operation of this complex system.
Standard floor indoor rendering.
The building adopts advanced design standards with AI intelligent operation system and a helipad.
On 16 December 2021, the topping up ceremony was held on the roof of the Twin Towers.