Building of Distinction: One Tower

One Tower

Balneário Camboiú, Brazil
Height: 290 m / 951 ft

Tallest Building Completed in Brazil
Tallest Residential Building Completed in Latin America

Title Conferred: December 2022

Client: FG Empreendimentos

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On 17 December 2022, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) recognized One Tower, Balneário Camboiú, Brazil, as the “Tallest Building Completed in Brazil in 2022” and “Tallest Residential Building Completed in Latin America in 2022.” This certification was based on its Architectural Height of 290 meters (951 feet) and a completion date of December 2022, according to CTBUH Height Criteria.

ONE TOWER is located on avenida Atlântica on the north coast of Santa Catarina. The 70-story residential building covers a total area of 52,785.06 square meters. On each floor there are two apartments with the exception of four floors that are dedicated to leisure areas--two of which are designated on the floors 56 and 57. The ceremony for the certification was celebrated at One Tower with customers and partners, and outside along the beaches of Balneario Cambour where FG extended its celebrations to the surrounding community. More than 1,000 people gathered in front of the One Tower to toast to the building's completion, which featured a light show, fireworks and a "ballet in the heights," with a renowned vertical dance group that performed for the first time in Santa Catarina.

Video: Delivery of One Tower (mainly in Portuguese), and includes interview with CTBUH President Antony Wood
Video: Unveiling Ceremony Night | One Tower | FG Empreendimentos

The completed One Tower entrance hall. Image courtesy FG Empreendimentos.
The completed One Tower lobby. Image courtesy FG Empreendimentos.
On December 17, a ceremony was given for the unveiling of the signboard as seen with Francisco Graciola, FG Empreendimentos Founder and Chairman and Antony Wood, CTBUH President in Balneário Camboriú, Brazil. Image courtesy FG Empreendimentos.
The surrounding community was invited to celebrate the unveiling ceremony outside the building with a "high-rise ballet" and a light and fireworks show. Image courtesy FG Empreendimentos.
A large crowd shared in the excitement of the unveiling with a fireworks show display from One Tower. Image courtesy FG Empreendimentos.
The celebration could be seen across the city with the lighting display. Image courtesy FG Empreendimentos.