Building of Distinction: Hanking Center

Hanking Center

Shenzhen, China
Height: 359 m / 1,177 ft

Tallest Building in Asia with an All-Steel Structure
Title Conferred: March 2018

Client: Hanking Group

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In March 2018, the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) verified the 359-meter Hanking Center as the tallest building in Asia, and third tallest in the world, with an all-steel structure. An official signboard was erected on-site to commemorate these titles. 

The tower’s unique steel structural system offsets the primary movement and service cores to the exterior of the floor plate. Shadowing the offset circulation core, two secondary cores in the body provide structural reinforcement. A series of sky bridges and diagonal mega-braces connect the offset core to the main tower. Special horizontal ties and slab diaphragm bracing were provided where the columns on the south face “kinked” to tie the necessary stabilizing forces to the tower’s overall lateral load resisting system. Extensive wind tunnel testing as well as non-linear performance based seismic design studies were conducted to verify the performance of the tower. Five communal skygardens, glazed lobbies, and a sunny atrium in the building’s core serve to connect separate elements of the building, and provide a communal hub for tenants. Circulation and amenity areas gain natural light and views over the city to create a vibrant public space.

Signboard at Hanking Center designating the project "Tallest Building in Asia with an All-Steel Structure"
Chinese side of the dual-language signboard.
CTBUH China Office Director Peng Du, CTBUH CEO Antony Wood, and Tim Wu, Marketing Vice President, Hanking Group, pose for a photo next to the signboard.