Audit of Worldwide Mass Timber Construction

September 2020

The team conducted a global audit of tall mass timber buildings, uncovering the following results, and formulating a list of potential case studies for the project:


Historical Evaluation of Mass Timber Buildings:

The progression of the World’s Tallest Timber Building has been swift, from 29 meters in 2009 to 85 meters in 2019; an almost 300% increase. 


CTBUH reviewed more than 75 complete, under construction or proposed tall buildings around the world, 7 stories or 25 meters in height, that utilize mass timber in their structure, and determined their distribution by function, region and structural material use. The full results of this audit will be released upon completion of this research project.


Distribution of Mass Timber Buildings:



The World’s Tallest Timber Buildings:

The list of the World’s Tallest Timber Buildings is in constant flux, following a steady stream of new and active tall timber projects.