Final Presentations 2024


Aero Logix

Jusang Lee

Aero Logix redefines logistics, addressing current suburban system limitations. Leveraging metropolis settings, it dramatically reduces last-mile delivery costs, and optimizes efficiency. Chicago’s strategic rail infrastructure makes it an ideal testing ground for Aero Logix, allowing direct access to 50% of all U.S. intermodal trains, streamlining freight distribution. The Boeing Building, for sale due to business shifts, offers a unique opportunity. Located on a rail track, its design facilitates direct freight access, maximizing efficiency.

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Casa Reviva

Gabriela Amigo

Casa Reviva is a transformative project, aiming to re-purpose existing office spaces into minimalist residential units while addressing the evolving demands of urban living. With the COVID-19 pandemic reshaping work dynamics, traditional office spaces have seen a decline in demand. Casa Reviva’s design concept emphasizes minimal intervention, respecting the existing structure while introducing elements conducive to modern residential living. Careful attention is given to addressing structural, mechanical, and plumbing considerations to facilitate seamless conversion.

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Casino Hotel

Praneet Pandya

Casino Tower, the reimaged Crain Communication tower, stands as a monument to human curiosity and luxury. At its zenith the casino, hotel and green conservatory gives a holistic approach in income generation. The programs are re-envisioned as a luxury tourist destination right at the city center. The tower is dedicated to space for casino programs which will be the main revenue generating program. Collaborative spaces, like the green conservatory, restaurants and viewing decks add to the holistic tourism experience and catch more eyes on the main program.

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Dorsa Seyedi

For the transformation of the 350 California Street building, its central space becomes a cutting-edge data center, while the upper levels are transformed into havens of interior and semi-open gardens, offering sweeping city views. The use of staggered and vibrant floor plates creates an engaging and dynamic atmosphere right in the heart of the financial district, providing a breath of fresh air amidst the urban hustle. This approach aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike, turning a once-static structure into a dynamic and multifaceted hub.

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Crypto Quarry

Allison Drooger

The Long Lines Building, a former telecommunications hub, is undergoing an innovative transformation. This adaptive reuse project aims to repurpose the building into a state-of-the-art facility that will house data centers for crypto miners and ethical hackers. The plan involves structural modifications to accommodate the power and cooling requirements of data centers, including the installation of high-speed internet connectivity and backup power systems to ensure uninterrupted operations. Security measures will be integrated to protect against cyber threats.

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Elysium Wellness

Madeline Kondic

Elysium Wellness reimagines an international style office building into a luxury wellness retreat that focuses on healing the client’s mind, body, and soul. The building boasts a dual program concept, with the manufacturing of personalized vitamin regimens on the lower levels and a luxury wellness resort and hotel on the upper levels. The exterior is clad by a mass timber lattice structure that increases in density as it reaches the ground. This superstructure reinforces the seismic capability of the high rise, while providing an elegant expression to the facade.

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Energy Forge

Triana Gutierrez

This project capitalizes on Chicago’s diverse economic landscape and its strategic position as a hub for manufacturing, technology, and innovation. Leveraging these strengths, the project aims to establish a cutting-edge 3D printing tower—a vertical ecosystem that encompasses the entire 3D printing process, from manufacturing 3D printers to utilizing them for creating products for a wide range of industries. Implementing gravity batteries for energy storage in the 3D printing tower is a strategic move that aligns with Chicago’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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Finance Academy

Mohammed Shariff

The Bridge is not a literal bridge but an idea to bridge the gap between office work environments in terms of teaching and learning experience, bridging the social gap between the two sectors. The Bridge aims to connect the three realms of Study, Play and Work integrated with programs of shared interest. The goal of the bridge is to keep the building active at all times: during work, after work and even the weekends. The bridge is not a building, but a lifestyle that suggest a new way of thinking for our office buildings.

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Alec Dunbar

In San Francisco where vertical vacancies are the only affordable option, the world of particle research is embraced by the downtown as it reforms upwards into slim urban fission reactors and university-grade linear accelerators into a new flagship for innovative vertical retrofitting. LineaLabs aims to bring the public closer to technological innovation through displaying the 850 ft. particle accelerator that produces fuel for the four Small Modular Fission Reactors housed inside. Collaborative Laboratories create multi-discipline and multi-lingual facilities.

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New Nuclear

Joshua Krull

The World Nuclear Association (WNA) serves as a global forum and commercial meeting place for leaders and specialists across all facets of the nuclear industry. As part of its expansion, the WNA is embarking on the construction of a new headquarters that will house assembly halls, office floors, and most notably, a cutting-edge Generation IV High-Temperature Reactor (HTRPM). The WNA’s new headquarters represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology, safety, and education. It stands as a beacon of progress in the nuclear industry.

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SkySki Resort

Omair Godil

Nestled in the heart of the city, The SkySki Resort provides not just skiing, but a year-round hub for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of activities for all seasons. From skiing down snow-capped Amidst the challenges faced by the ski industry and downtown vacancies, SkySki Resort stands out as a beacon of transformation by turning the AON Center, once an office tower struggling with vacancies and declining value, into a dynamic urban attraction, breathing new life and excitement into Chicago’s skyline.

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The Reserve

Chelsea Nguyen

The Reserve, a fortress of crisis resilience, is equipped with redundant data centers and self-sufficient infrastructure to ensure continuous operation even in times of emergency. In today’s hyper-connected world, the ability to maintain uninterrupted energy and connectivity is not just a convenience but vital for businesses and communities to thrive. One Post Street, an existing office, is retrofitted with a robust structure to offer a stronger building that hosts data centers and energy backup that will not waiver when other sources do.

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Urban Foundry

Davis Housman

Urban Foundry is a prototypical piece of infrastructure centered on the extraction and recovery of all metals from local electronic waste (E-waste) and construction and demolition (C&D) waste. The system provides a solution for a relatively novel waste stream which is currently unmanaged. The vertical organization takes advantage of existing tall building geometries while reducing the need for redundant, horizontal conveyors, simply using gravity to move material from each machine. The urban setting significantly decreases the tipping and hauling fees.

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Vitality Vortex

Paula Garrido

Where living meets holistic health! An integrated building complex that offers more than just apartments, it is a community dedicated to your well-being. With state-of-the-art sports centers for personalized workouts, a cafeteria serving nutritious meals based on your dietary needs, and serene wellness areas for mental rejuvenation. This is where young adults come to thrive and maintain a healthier lifestyle effortlessly. The greenhouses atop the tower provide residents with a serene oasis filled with greenery and stunning city views. 

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