M.TBVU Curricular Enrichment

Students in this degree program can benefit from specific academic programs convened by the CTBUH.

Every registered student in the program will have the opportunity to join an overseas study visit in semester one, receiving a travel stipend (usually around US$1,000) to help offset expenses. The destination for this study visit is usually driven by two, typically aligned, influences: (i) the location of the CTBUH Annual Conference, and (ii) the location of the site that serves as a vehicle for the Tall Building Design Studio (ARCH 545). 

The CTBUH International Student Tall Building Design Competition champions site-specific urban responses to global issues, while giving top students the chance to showcase their work. Finalists are selected to present their proposals to a jury of experts at the CTBUH International Conference, where an overall winner is selected. Winning students receive cash prizes, as well as complimentary conference registration and travel/accommodation costs. 

The Council holds two major international conferences per year; its Tall & Urban Innovation Awards Conference in the spring (held in Chicago), and its Annual Conference held in a high-rise city somewhere around the world each fall. All students in the program receive complimentary registration at both conferences (typically around US$1,500). Locations of CTBUH conferences in the past ten years include Abu Dhabi; Dubai; Hong Kong; London; Mumbai; New York City; Seoul; Shanghai; Shenzhen; and Sydney.

The goal of the annual CTBUH International Student Research Competition is to assist talented students, working in groups under the guidance of a professor, to focus on a relevant research question, and create an engaging output as a response. The competition typically culminates with an award of US$10,000–$20,000, recognized on stage at the CTBUH International Conference, and promoted through CTBUH channels and platforms. The project often also leads to a publication or other substantial output.