M.TBVU Faculty, Advisory Panel & External Experts

Renowned faculty, advisory panel members, and external experts contribute to the M.TBVU program in various ways while being involved in the high-rise studio and the associated lecture classes.

The Masters of Tall Buildings and Vertical Urbanism (M.TBVU) program is led by faculty and advisory panel members who are prominent and distinguished experts in the industry. These individuals are committed to help develop a new generation of expertise in a subject they are immensely knowledgeable and passionate about. The high-profile, multidisciplinary M.TBVU Advisory and Teaching Panel meets once per year to review outputs and the direction of the course.

External experts deliver presentations on specific topics and conduct tutorials with students in the M.TBVU lecture/seminar classes, given their fields of expertise. Additionally, renowned architects are invited to run the high-rise studio, which focuses on a relevant and timely topic in the industry, as part of the M.TBVU program.