CTBUH Future Timber City Conducts Six Sub-Topic Meetings

As part of the research project Future Timber City: An Awareness and Educational Program for Future, Sustainable, Dense Cities,” in late January and early February 2021, the Council conducted six focused meetings with sub-groups on significant topics particular to the participants’ expertise. More than 90 individuals were ultimately involved.




A primary objective of the present research is to undertake an international audit of the very best practice (including knowledge gaps and barriers) in all aspects of mass timber for high-rise buildings, which will be conducted, in part, through the examination of case studies. These meetings highlighted the crucial issues within the engineered mass timber industry and the data points that could be analyzed within case studies to address these issues.

At the conclusion of the meetings, the next steps of the research were outlined, which includes development of a case study outline that will the guide approach in information and data collection as project stakeholders are approached. In May 2021, the case study templates were distributed to stakeholders across more than 30 tall timber projects around the world.