9/11 & World Trade Center Resources


Note: CTBUH Journal 2011 Issue III focuses on the World Trade Center


NIST, 2021. 20 Years Later: NIST’s World Trade Center Investigation and Its Legacy



Structural Design / Code

Corley, 2003. Structural Investigation of the New York World Trade Center Collapse

Magnusson, 2003. What does September 11th Mean for Building Structural Design?

Wada, 2003. A Study on the Redundancy of High-Rise Steel Buildings Due to the Effect of Induced Heat and Loss of Vertical Structural Members

Sadek, 2004. WTC Towers: Innovative Design Features and Structural Modeling

Wada, 2004. A Study on the Collapse Control Design Method for High-Rise Steel Buildings

Drengenberg, 2011. Evolution of Building Code Requirements in a Post 9/11 World

Torero, 2011. Challenging Attitudes on Codes and Safety



Fire / Life Safety / Evacuation / Security

Ali, 2003. Integrated Design of Safe Skyscrapers: Problems, Challenges and Prospects

Harper, 2003. Educating the Public of Safety in Tall Buildings

Heller, 2003. Emergency Evacuation Core Proposal: 25 May 2002

Kodur, 2003. Role of Fire Resistance in the Collapse of the Twin Towers

Kurtz, 2003. Engineering Systems an Incremental Response to Terrorist Threat

Proulx, 2003. Evacuation of the World Trade Center: What Went Right?

Sano, 2003. Evacuation Design Strategy for High-Rise Buildings

Yoshida, 2003. Analysis of Simultaneous Evacuation of the World Trade Center

Sunder, 2004. Building and Fire Safety: Responding to the World Trade Center Disaster

Shimshoni, 2005. Tall Building Emergency Evacuation: “Time to Think Differently”

Baldassarra, 2011. How World Trade Center Affected Tall Building Life Safety Design

Craighead, 2011. Impacts on Building Security Measures

Dermisi, 2011. An Overview: Urban Terrorism



Global Impact / Looking Back

Klemencic, 2003. Where Do We Go From Here?

Johnson, 2011. Debating Tall: Are the Twin Towers Missed?

Klerks, 2011. Talking Tall: The Global Impact of 9/11

Robertson, Baker, Kohn, 2011. Wider Impacts: Tall Buildings as a Viable Proposition