Why Sponsor CTBUH Shanghai 2014? | 为何赞助CTBUH 2014年上海会议
  • Promote your company brand to industry leaders
  • Develop collaborative partnerships and business leads
  • Understand better the business opportunities in China and Asia
  • Network with top influential people in the industry internationally
  • Pursue a prominent speaking role
  • Establish an exhibition stand to display your expertise
  • Promote a relevant building physically to attendees through a technical tour
  • Enjoy social-networking events at top venues
  • Be promoted to media and press outlets in conjunction with the Conference
  • Include your logo on all Conferencedocumentation, including the proceeding publication in two languages
  • Gain knowledge and insight in the latest thinking on sustainability, tall buildings and urban development
  • 向行业领导宣传企业
  • 发展合作与业务往来
  • 更好地了解中国和亚洲的潜在商机
  • 与世界范围内具有行业影响力的人物近距离接触
  • 获得主要演讲人之席
  • 获得一个可展示贵企业的展台
  • 通过一次技术参观向所有会议代表宣传您建造的项目
  • 在顶级场所享受社交活动
  • 通过会议增加媒体曝光度
  • 在所有会议相关资料上最大限度的得到企业曝光度其中包括双语的会议论文集
  • 从最新的有关可持续性、高层建筑和城市发展的思考中获取知识和见解
Recent Sponsors of CTBUH Events | 近期CTBUH活动主要赞助商
The companies below have all been sponsors of a recent CTBUH conference. | 以下为近几年CTBUH活动的主要赞助企业:

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