Technical & Regional/City Tours Friday, September 19th | 技术参观和地区/城市观光 9月19日,周五
Technical Tours

The fourth day of the conference will be dedicated to Technical Tours, a key aspect of Council conferences where, essentially, the conference venue transports itself to a number of key sites around the city. Delegates are able to choose (by registering in advance) two tours of buildings either completed or under construction, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Here they will learn from the colleagues responsible for the design, construction, and/or management of the building through on-site presentations, as well as by extensively touring the building itself.


Regional Tours

To see some of the major developments happening throughout the country. Each tour – which will typically involve a one or two day stay in the city (with flights and accommodation paid by delegate) – will embrace a number of the key tall buildings either complete or under construction in the city, as well as some of the cultural sites. The tours will be led by Sponsors / CTBUH members / members of the Conference Regional Steering Committee.

与会者将有机会感受整个国家正在发生的重大变化。每个城市观光都有一到两天的行程(机票和住宿费用自理),包括参观该城市中已竣工或仍在建设中的重要高层建筑和一些文化景观。参观活动由CTBUH会员 /大会的地区指导委员会成员带领。

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours of sites in and around Shanghai will be taking place before, after and (for accompanying spouses) during the Congress. These tours will be conducted by the company Gray Line, who have extended a 10% discount to delegates. Visit the historic Bund, People’s Square, Jada Buddha Temple, Xin Tian Di (an exciting nightlife district) and other cultural sites of interest within Shanghai.  Other cultural tours include visits to Su Zhou and Zhou Zhuang, water villages in China, and the city of Hang Zhou, whose history and culture spans over 2,000 years.

上海市内和周边的观光活动时间会在会议前后或进行中(家属可同行)。这些观光活动将由Gray Line公司组织, 并且会议代表会在所有的观光活动上得到9折优惠。参观历史悠久的外滩、人民广场、玉佛寺、新天地(该地区有着令人激动的夜生活)以及其他上海有意思的文化景点。其他的文化观光还包括苏州、中国水乡周庄、以及有着超过2000年历史与文化沉淀的杭州市。

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