Conference Theme & Call for Abstracts/Papers | 会议主题和征集摘要/论文
The submission deadline for abstracts – 17th January – has now passed and submissions are no longer being accepted. We have received a record number of abstracts for consideration at the conference. If you would like to be put on the reserve list for possible inclusion, then please email your abstract, in the correct format and with an accompanying note to: 提交论文摘要的截止日期(1月17日)已过,所以我们现在不再接受新的摘要提交。此次会议我们收到了创纪录数量的摘要文件。如果您想被列入在可能收录的候补名单中,请发送电子邮件到,以正确的格式并备注信息提交您的摘要。
The 2014 conference will convene speaking and poster presentations, panel discussions, and a major exhibition focused on the overall conference theme: “Future Cities: Towards Sustainable Vertical Urbanism.” In addition, there will be a number of “City Rooms,” each highlighting best-practice urban and building case studies from specific cities internationally.

CTBUH members1 of all disciplines interested in presenting at the event are now encouraged to complete the one-page abstract template by the January 17, 2014 deadline, showing how their proposed presentation and technical paper will address the conference theme. The abstract should be submitted to the Conference International Scientific Committee using the standard template.

All abstracts/papers will be subject to rigorous peer review before acceptance into the conference program. Timing for submission of papers and production of the conference proceeding is extremely tight – please note the Key Dates for abstract and paper processing.

1: All presenters at the 2014 conference must be CTBUH members at either the organizational or individual level. To see if your company is already an organizational member of the CTBUH, see the full list here.



1. 所有2014年会议演讲者必须是CTBUH个人会员或者所在单位为 CTBUH企业会员。请点击此处查看贵公司是否已经成为CTBUH企业会员。
Published Proceedings & Translation | 出版会议论文集和翻译版本
As the recognized international authority on tall buildings, CTBUH conferences differ significantly from the many commercial conferences that are now being held around the world, in terms of both quality of knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities. Dissemination of best-practice information is of primary importance at every CTBUH conference. Thus, every presentation given at the Shanghai 2014 Conference will be substantiated by a paper, which will be rigorously peer-reviewed and published in the proceeding: a series of high-quality, hardback books around 1,000 pages in total length, which will be produced in two languages (English and Chinese). This proceeding, which delegates will receive in both hard-copy and digital format at the Conference itself, will form an important historical archive long after the event has ended.

Language & Translation

The official languages of the Conference will be both English and Chinese, with simultaneous translation of all presentations from English to Chinese and vice versa. The 2014 Shanghai Conference Proceeding publication will also be produced in both languages. Authors are encouraged to consider now how they can submit their final papers in both English and Chinese, perhaps drawing on translation expertise within your organization. The CTBUH has very limited resources for translation so your assistance in this manner would be greatly appreciated.


Download a Sample Paper Mock-up of the Dual-language Shanghai Proceedings Layout

8th World Congress, Dubai CTBUH 9th World Congress Proceedings | CTBUH第九届全球会议论文集
Asia Ascending: Age of the Sustainable Skyscraper City

Download a preview of the book | 点击此处下载该论文节选部分

The proceedings of the CTBUH 9th World Congress, held in Shanghai from September 19th - 21st 2012, includes all 114 papers in both a hardcover book and a DVD containing digital versions of the papers. These include papers written by Jian Ping Gu (Shanghai Tower), Adrian Smith (AS+GG), Ole Scheeren (Buro Ole Scheeren), William Baker (SOM), John C. “Jack” Portman, III (John Portman & Associates), James Goettsch (Goettsch Partners), Harace Lin Hong-Ming (Taipei Financial Center Corporation), Fred Durie (Emaar), Talal Al Maiman (Kingdom Real Estate) and many more...
2012年9月19日至21日举行的CTBUH第九届全球会议所出品的论文集以精装形式收录了114篇论文,同时包括有DVD电子版。其中作者包括有: 顾建平 (上海中心大厦集团), Adrian Smith (AS+GG), 奥雷舍人 (Buro Ole Scheeren), William Baker (SOM), John C. “Jack” Portman, III (John Portman & Associates), James Goettsch (Goettsch Partners), 林鸿明(台北金融中心), Fred Durie (依玛尔地产), Talal Al Maiman (王国地产) 等。
Editors: Antony Wood, Timothy Johnson & Guo-Qiang Li
Translation Committee Chair: Dr. Yushu Liu
Layout Coordination & Design: Steven Henry
Publisher: CTBUH, Chicago, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-939493-33-3
Hard cover, 912 pages

编者: Antony Wood, Timothy Johnson, 李国强
翻译同行审查委员会主席: 刘玉姝
排版设计: Steven Henry
出版: CTBUH, Chicago, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-939493-33-3
精装, 912页

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