Conference Synopsis  | 会议概要
The survival of humanity on this planet relies on a radical repositioning of our cities. In the face of unprecedented global population growth, urbanization, pollution increase and climate change, it is no longer enough to simply create buildings that minimize their environmental footprint. The reduction of operating and embodied energy consumption in every single building is, of course, vitally important – but even this is likely not enough to mitigate the huge issues at stake. We need to start considering how every building can start working with others in a harmonious urban whole – by maximizing urban/building infrastructure, sharing resources, generating and storing energy, and looking for completely new ways to improve the building’s contribution to the city; physically, environmentally, culturally, and socially.

Cities thus need to be thought of, and buildings planned for, in all three dimensions
– they cannot just be vehicles for isolated programs and expressed as products of two-dimensional zoning plans and height limits. Each stratified horizon of a tower has an opportunity to draw from the characteristics of the city and external environment, both of which vary widely with height. Wind, sun, rain, temperature, and urban grain are not the same through 360 degrees of plan or 360 meters of height, and our buildings need to both recognize, and draw opportunity from, that.

This will be the primary subject of debate at the CTBUH 2014 Shanghai Conference. The discussion will drive thinking beyond just buildings, to considering cities as a whole. What best practices are some cities in the world already doing, and what else can be done? Thus join the world’s leading owners, developers, contractors, architects, planners, engineers, policy makers and others in Shanghai, to work together to rethink our cities; to develop them beyond a collection of disparate icons, towards a vision of a connected, maximized, Sustainable Vertical Urbanism…..


这将是在CTBUH 2014年上海会议上要讨论的首要议题。讨论将推动我们对超越建筑本身讨论将推动我们对超越建筑本身的思考,去考虑城市的整体性。当前世界上一些城市完成了怎样的最佳实践,还有哪些是可以实现的?所以让我们相聚在上海,与全球领先的业主、开发商、承建商、建筑师、工程师、规划师、决策者和其他相关人士一同重新思考我们的城市;让城市变得不再仅是不同标志性建筑的集合,而是迈向相互关联的、最大化的、可持续的垂直城市主义的愿景。

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