Call for Committees | 召集委员会成员
In addition to the Conference Secretariat, four important committees will be established to assist with aspects of the Conference, as outlined below. All committee members should be CTBUH members at either the organizational or individual level. To express an interest in joining one of the committees, please contact CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood at

除设立会议秘书处外,我们还将成立另外四个重要的委员会来协助会议的各个方面,如下所示。所有的委员会成员都应是CTBUH企业会员或是个人会员。如果您有兴趣加入其中一个委员会,请发邮件联系CTBUH执行董事Antony Wood,

Conference Co-Chairs | 会议联合主席

Timothy Johnson, Partner, NBBJ | 合伙人,NBBJ
Zheng Shiling
, Director, Academic Commission of Tongji University | 郑时龄,同济大学学术委员会主任
Antony Wood, Executive Director | 执行董事, CTBUH

Local Steering Committee | 当地指导委员会

This committee – consisting of selected CTBUH members based in Shanghai – will steer the overall direction of the Conference; help organize speakers, sponsors and technical tours; and help with promotion of the event.


Scientific Peer Review Committee | 论文同行审查委员会

This committee – consisting of selected CTBUH members covering all disciplines internationally – will be responsible for the peer review of abstracts/papers, to ensure the highest quality content for the Conference and published proceeding.


Translation Committee | 翻译同行审查委员会

This committee – consisting of selected colleagues with both technical and English/Chinese translation skills  – will help with the translation and translation peer review of papers from English to Chinese or vice versa, to ensure the highest quality content.


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