The “Ask a CTBUH Expert” feature involves an experienced discipline leader in the Council responding directly to a frequently-asked question.

What is the Near-Term Future for Robotic Construction of Tall Buildings?

CTBUH Journal 2019 Issue II

CTBUH is currently engaged in a two-year research project, “Robots in Tall Building Construction,” kindly sponsored by Schindler. The main research question is, “Why haven’t robots become a major contributor in the tall building construction industry yet?” As the project gets underway, we asked Schindler CEO Thomas Oetterli what he foresees as the next steps in robotic tall building construction.

Does A Large-Scale Fire Propagation Test Ensure A Fire-Safe Cladding?

CTBUH Journal 2019 Issue I

Substantial tall-building façade fires have continued to take place, even after the world was shocked by the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London in 2017. Much attention has been paid to determining to what degree certain cladding types are at fault in such fires, but it’s equally important to examine the means of testing cladding for fire performance. We asked a CTBUH Expert, “Does a large-scale fire propagation test ensure a fire-safe cladding?”

What is a Façade Access Strategy?

CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue IV

There is growing interest in creating more environmentally responsive and culturally appropriate façades for tall buildings,
moving beyond the “wall of glass” standard to add more texture and opacity. Whatever solution is chosen, the overall façade access
strategy must be considered so that it can be properly maintained. We asked a CTBUH expert, “What is a façade access strategy, and
why does a tall building need one?”

What are the Key Considerations When Demolishing a Tall Building?

CTBUH Journal 2018 Issue III

As it seems the industry is about to crack the 200-meter threshold for “tallest building peacefully demolished” (Tall Buildings in Numbers, Journal 2018 Issue II), the practical considerations of tall building demolition are now front and center. We asked a CTBUH Expert, “What are the key considerations when demolishing a tall building?”

How to Protect High-Rise Egress Routes?

CTBUH Journal, 2018 Issue II

Recent, tragic high-rise fires have underscored a fundamental issue: the lack of protected escape routes in tall buildings. As we build a greater volume of ever-higher buildings, greater scrutiny is needed to protect those under design, as well as those already built and in use. We asked a CTBUH Expert, “What is the best way to protect egress routes in tall buildings?”

How to Resolve the Challenges of Tall Building Foundations?

CTBUH Journal, 2017 Issue II

As the world urbanizes, the number of tall buildings will increase, particularly in coastal regions with soft soil conditions, placing strain on foundation design and affecting sub-surface infrastructure already in place. Several high-profile cases of tall buildings sinking or settling have made the news recently. We asked, “How to Resolve the Emerging Challengesof Tall Building Foundations?”