New Development will be Critical to the Success of Expanding Mass Transit in Sydney

Central Plaza will have six mixed-use buildings, including three 40-story towers.

Sydney, Australia 10 May 2019

Merc Capital and PBD Architects are set to deliver six mixed-use buildings—including three 40-story towers—with a planning proposal in place for the transformation of the Hillsong section of Sydney into a vibrant business hub.

The development, dubbed Central Plaza, is located at 34–36 Brookhollow Avenue in the existing Norwest Business Park, which acts as a gateway to the region. Located within the Hills Shire Council local government area, the proposal sits adjacent to the Norwest Metro underground railway station currently under construction. The plan aims to transform Norwest Boulevard into an activated pedestrianized urban space, a transit hub and the central spine of a diverse CBD.

The design proposal introduces a public forecourt and 2-story commercial presence on the north east corner of the site, engaging with the future plaza and rail station on Brookhollow Avenue. Comprising six podium structures for commercial use, the proposal includes retail and a Mullane’s Norwest Hotel at ground level. A childcare center and a community business hub are also included as part of the design proposal.

The built form facing Norwest Boulevard takes a two-tiered approach—offering a commercial six- to eight-story-podium topped by three residential towers reaching up to 40-stories. Façade details in the tower emphasize every second story to create a better sense of proportion to the tower, while subtle curved connections and edges of the façade provide a soft transition between the podium and the towers.

“Aesthetically, our design proposal uses curved balconies to soften the edges of the towers and promote a sense of slenderness,” PBD Architects director Paul Buljevic said. “To support a harmonious connection between the commercial podiums and the residential towers above them we aligned certain corners where the tower meets the podium to form a natural sinuous connection between the two.”

The architects chose a material palette comprising a mixture of metal screens, composite aluminum panels, feature glazing and textured highlights.

“An underground metro station is currently under construction directly to the north east of the site”

An underground metro station is currently under construction directly to the north east of the site, making the planning and design of this site critical to the success of the mass transit expectation of the Norwest Metro Station Interchange.

The development should bring more than 1,500 jobs to the precinct. Once deliberated on by the Hills Shire Council, the proposal will proceed to a gateway determination by NSW Planning.

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