Past CTBUH Events

The CTBUH typically holds at least one international conference per year and a world congress every four to five years. These events are held in relevant cities around the world and provide presentations from the world's leading experts in all disciplines of tall buildings. Below is an overview of past events, and a more detailed look at the Council's most recent Conference, held in Shanghai in 2012.

8th World Congress, Dubai CTBUH 9th World Congress: "Asia Ascending: Age of the Sustainable Skyscraper City"
Shanghai, China, September 19 - 21, 2012

The 2012 Congress hosted presentations, seminars, and workshops covering virtually every aspect of tall building development, with a particular emphasis on the shift in tall building construction from the west to east. The title of the Congress – “Asia Ascending: Age of the Sustainable Skyscraper City” – set the scene for the three days, with papers ranging from global and urban-scale sustainability, through individual building design approaches and case studies, to the detailed technical considerations of sustainable technologies.

Select Congresses and Conferences
Over its 40+ years of existence, the CTBUH has held numerous tall building Conferences and Congresses around the globe. Below is a selection of past Conferences and Congresses.

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Select CTBUH Congresses and Conferences

8th World Congress, Dubai
Shanghai, 2012
9th World Congress
  Asis Ascending: Age of the Sustainable Skyscraper City

Seoul, 2011
Why Tall?
Green, Safety & Humanity

Mumbai, 2010
Remaking Sustainable Cities in the Vertical Age
Chicago, 2009
Evolution of the Skyscraper: New Challenges in a World of Global Warming and Recession
Moscow, 2008
Moscow Gaining Height
8th World Congress, Dubai Chicago 2006: Thinking Outside the Box 7th World Congress, New York Kuala Lumpur 6th World Congress, Melbourne

Dubai, 2008
8th World Congress
  Tall & Green: Typology for a Sustainable Urban Future

Chicago, 2006
Thinking Outside the Box: Tapered, Tilted, Twisting Towers
New York, 2005
7th World Congress
Renewing the Urban Landscape

Kuala Lumpur, 2003
Strategies for Performance in the Aftermath of the World Trade Centre
Melbourne, 2001
6th World Congress
Cities in the Third Millennium

London, 2001 Los Angeles, 2000 Sao Paulo, 1999 Kuala Lumpur, 1999 Sao Paulo, 1997
London, 2001
Technology, Livability, Productivitiy
Los Angeles, 2000
Fifth Conference on Tall Buildings in Seismic Regions
Sao Paulo, 1999
International Conference on High Technology Buildings
Kuala Lumpur, 1999
The Tall Building and the City
Sao Paulo, 1997
International Conference
Chicago, 1996 5th World Congress, Amsterdam Sao Paulo, 1995 Los Angeles, 1994 Dhaka, 1993
Chicago, 1996
Tall Building Structures: A World View
Amsterdam, 1995
5th World Congress
Habitat and the High-Rise

Sao Paulo, 1995
High Technology Buildings
Los Angeles, 1994
Third Conference on Tall Buildings in Seismic Regions
Dhaka, 1993
Tall Buildings in Developing Countries
Rio de Janeiro, 1993 Kuwait, 1992
4th World Congress, Hong Kong
Los Angeles, 1988
3rd World Congress, Chicago
Rio de Janeiro, 1993
International Conference
Kuwait, 1992
Rehabilitation of Damaged Buildings: Sick Building Sydrome
Hong Kong, 1990
4th World Congress
Tall Buildings: 2000 and Beyond

Los Angeles, 1988
Tall Buildings in Seismic Regions
Chicago, 1986
3rd World Congress
Second Century of the Skyscraper

Singapore, 1984
2nd World Congress, Paris
Hong Kong, 1976 Sinapore, 1974 Sydney, 1973
Singapore, 1984
International Conference on Tall Buildings
Paris, 1977
2nd World Congress
Urban Space for Life and Work

Hong Kong, 1976
Regional Conference on Tall Buildings
Singapore, 1974
Planning and Design of Tall Buildings
Sydney, 1973
Planning and Design of Tall Buildings
1st World Congress, Bethlehem, USA Warsaw, 1972
Bethlehem, 1972
1st World Congress
Planning and Design of Tall Buildings
Warsaw, 1972
Planning and Design of Tall Buildings


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