CTBUH Turkey: Wind Effects on Tall Building Façade Systems


Tuesday, 18 June 2019
6:30 pm – 8:45 pm
Istanbul, Turkey


Join the CTBUH Turkey Future Leaders Committee for an engaging presentation on wind effects on tall building façade systems. The evening will include several presentations by leading voices from the industry, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

The wind effects on the building and its environment can be investigated for serviceability and strength perspectives. Pedestrian comfort problems around the building and floor vibrations exceeding the occupant comfort criteria are considered as a wind-induced serviceability concern. Alternatively, building codes generally specify the wind effect as a load on the main wind-forced resistance system and also a load on the components and the cladding. Those loads are determined for the strength calculations of lateral load resisting systems of the building. Therefore, loads on components and cladding differ from the loads of the main resistance system, by its nature.


The field of façade design is responsive to the magnitude of the wind effects, not only when it comes to the strength capacities of profiles, fasteners, brackets, anchors, and glazing, but also the serviceability of the components and whole system. In present day, buildings and their façades are becoming more complicated due to the functionality and performance criteria they must meet. Furthermore, buildings can be designed with more complex geometries, thanks to computational instruments.

All these developments require increasingly advanced and complicated facade designs, and must adapt to determine more reliable wind loads and a precise test of these designs. CTBUH Turkey will assemble experts in the field to present their perspectives on how wind effects façade systems.


6:30 pm – Reception/networking event begins

7:20 pm – Introduction: opening speech by CTBUH Turkey Representative Mehmet Kılıç, Country Director (Turkey), Turner International

7:30 pm – Wind Effects on Façade Design with Burhan Ergüner, Metal Yapı.

7:45 pm – Experimental vs. Computational Wind Engineering for Tall Building Facade Wind Load Studies, with Dr. Fırat Oğuz Edis – EDS, İTÜ.

8:00 pm – Wind Effect and Performance Tests, with Murat Seyhan, FTI & FTI-Wacker Ingenieure

8:15 pm – Panel Discussion, Q&A


CTBUH Turkey Representative Mehmet Kılıç, Country Director (Turkey), Turner International
Burhan Ergüner, Board Member, Head of R&D, Metal Yapı
Dr. Fırat Oğuz Edis, Professor, Istanbul Technical University
Murat Seyhan, CEO, FTI & FTI-Wacker Ingenieure