CTBUH Brisbane Successful Cities Seminar:

$70 Members / $80 Non-Members / $45 Students

Thursday, 23 May 2019
7:30 a.m.
241 Adelaide Street


Throughout 2019, the CTBUH Australia Chapter's Brisbane Committee is hosting a series of breakfast seminars that examine strategies and ideas behind the creation of successful cities. At our May seminar, Malcolm Middleton, the Queensland Government Architect, will be discussing the QDesign initiative.

Prepared by the Middleton’s office, QDesign provides a resource to improve urban design outcomes and champions the delivery of quality places. QDesign defines specific priority principles to guide the design, development and decision-making process so as to improve the quality of work being delivered.

The Queensland Government is committed to achieving better urban design outcomes and supports already established planning policies, including State Planning Policy 2017 and Shaping SEQ South-East Queensland Plan 2017, which recognizes the value of thoughtful urban design in delivering liable and sustainable communities. Few would argue the significant health, well-being and economic benefits that high-quality places offer, yet through the complex process of project realization we often fail to prioritize urban design principles. QDesign offers a methodology for all people working within the built environment, encouraging contributory processes that lead to positive outcomes. The Office of the Queensland Government Architect is passionate about quality urban environments. The Development of QDesign is seen as the first step in helping to deliver better design and planning outcomes for Queensland.