Judging Criteria

To assist with the judging process, a series of judging criteria is defined in four categories as outlined below. Participants are strongly encouraged to keep these criteria in mind throughout the design process.
  • Creative Approach (25 percent):
    • The design response is innovative and inspirational.
    • The design response shows originality and creative thinking in terms of high-rise design and the future evolution of the skyscraper.
    • The building program is creative, yet clear and justified.

  • Response to Site (25 percent):
    • The design responds to the physical/cultural aspects of its site, such that the design is unique to its location, and not a generic response to a tall building capable of being reproduced regardless of its location.
    • The design responds to the environmental aspects of its site.
  • Sustainability (25 percent):
    • The design considers the building’s environmental impact and energy usage.
    • The design considers efficiency throughout (core, shell, space, usage, etc.). 
    • The design considers social sustainability, occupant lifestyle, and well-being.

  • Functionality (25 percent):
    • Planning and building organization is clear and appropriate.
    • There is a clear structural, technical, and constructional rationale.
Judges will also consider the CTBUH Criteria defining a tall building as “at least 50% of its height being occupied by usable floor area,” i.e., proposals should be functional “buildings” not simply observation, communication, or other towers. Proposals that do not meet this minimum requirement will be disqualified by the jury.

For more information on all CTBUH Height Criteria and tall building definitions visit here: www.ctbuh.org/criteria