The Chair of the CTBUH Board of Trustees is elected by the Board to a two-year term, ideally with one year served as Vice-Chair in advance of the appointment. At the beginning of each Chairman’s term, a plan is produced which outlines the primary goals and accomplishments to be targeted during the Chairman’s term.

Current Chairman: Steve Watts

Steve Watts formally took over the Chairmanship of the Council in November 2017. The focus of Steve’s plan is to continue to strengthen the brand of the Council, while ensuring that growth
in the Council’s membership, income and geographical spread continue to rise.

Past Chairmen

Dr. Lynn S. Beedle, the founder of the Council, became the first chairman in 1969. Since then, the CTBUH has enjoyed the leadership and direction of a number of prominent tall building
professionals in the role of CTBUH Chair.

Leader Messages

Each month a CTBUH Leader composes a “Voice of the Industry” message as part of the Council’s monthly newsletter. View these “Voice of the Industry” messages from prominent CTBUH Leaders