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March 13, NBC 5 Chicago
Falling Ice Problems

NBC 5 Chicago interviews CTBUH Editor, Daniel Safarik, about the perceived danger presented by ice falling from buildings.

February 23, Chicago Tribune
Designed in Chicago, Made in China

Chicago Tribune feature, The Global City, cites CTBUH data in a three-part report that reveals China's urbanization and the role that Chicago architects are playing in the reshaping of China's cityscapes.

February 18, CBS Channel 2 Chicago
Rising Temps Lead to Ice Falling from Downtown Buildings
CBS Channel 2 in Chicago interviews Antony Wood, executive director of CTBUH, to give perspective on the effects of ice falling from tall buildings.

February 17, New York Times
New York Times Podcast: The Future Skyline
The NYT's audio podcast of CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood and Trustee Bill Baker at the 2014 AAAS Conference about cities of the future.

February 12, WCBS New York
WCBS New York Radio
WCBS New York Radio shares insight from CTBUH report, Increasing Problems of Falling Ice and Snow on Modern Tall Buildings, to listening audience.

November 16, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
The One World Trade Center height ruling is the subject of a question on the news quiz show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

November 13, BBC
Altered States
BBC's Altered States provides perspective from residents of New York City and Chicago on the CTBUH ruling on One World Trade Center's height and talks with Executive Director Antony Wood.

November 13, Al Jazeera America
Size Matters
Al Jazeera America covers the One World Trade Center height decision in the context of the history and future of the world's tallest building.

November 13, MSNBC
Hardball with Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews checks the Hardball Scoreboard to show the decision by CTBUH to name One World Trade Center at the tallest building in the United States.

November 13, The Daily Show
Tower Record
One World Trade Center is named the tallest building in the United States by the CTBUH, igniting a rivalry between New York and Chicago.

November 13, All Things Considered
NPR provides perspective on the Council's One World Trade Center height decision.

November 12, CNN
One WTC deemed U.S's tallest building
CNN reports that Chicago's Willis tower loses the height debate to the World Trade Center's Tower One citing the CTBUH ruling.

November 12, ABC World News
Sky's the Limit
ABC News Reports on the decision by the CTBUH that One World Trade Center will become the tallest building in America once completed.

November 12, BBC
CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson talks with BBC World Service's Newshour on the Council's One World Trade Center height ruling.

November 12, CBC News
One World Trade Center Tallest in US
CBC reports on the CTBUH's naming of One World Trade Center as the future tallest building in the US.

November 12, BBC
Business Matters
Executive Director Antony Wood discusses the ruling on the height of One World Trade Center with the BBC.

November 12, Chicago Sun Times
Short Sighted
The Chicago Sun Times interviews Executive Director Antony Wood in their coverage of the One World Trade Center vs. Willis Tower height debate.

November 12, NBC News
Spire Topped One World Trade Center, Tallest Building in US
CTBUH Chairman Tim Johnson announces the Council's ruling on the ultimate height of One World Trade Center at a live press conference held in New York.

November 12, ABC News
NYCs 1 World Trade Center Projected To Be Tallest Building in US
ABC News broadcast live the press conference in Chicago where Antony Wood revealed the announcement that One World Trade Center will be 1,776' tall.

November 8, Today Show
High Stakes, Does New York Now Have Tallest Building?
The Today Show examines the factors that will go into the decision on if One World Trade Center or Willis Tower will be the tallest building in the United States.

November 8, NBC Nightly News
Freedom Tower Spire Lights Tested for First Time
At 1,776 feet, the Freedom Tower may be the tallest building in the country due to the tall spire and beacon, which holds hundreds of LEDs. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

November 8, CBS News
Battle of the Hgh-rises: Which Tower is America's Tallest
CBS investigates the differences between the Willis Tower and the One World Trade Center as the debate over the title of the tallest draws to a close.

November 5, Forbes
One World Trade Center Unveils New Marketing Offices To Woo Tenants
Forbes interviews key people involved in the recent launch of the One World Trade Center's sales center, and mention the involvement of the Council in determining the ultimate height of the building.

August 2, Shanghai Television
Shanghai Tower Celebrates Topping Out
In honor of the topping out ceremonies for the Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Television broadcast this Chinese-language video, featuring Executive Director Antony Wood.

December 14, CTV
Top Marks for Toronto's Highrises
CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood spoke with CTV's Scott Laurie about the building boom in Canada and Toronto leading the western hemisphere in tall building construction.

December 3, BBC
Skyscrapers: What does the future hold?
CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood was featured on the BBC World news program GMT, discussing the future of tall buildings.

November 16, MCI
Analyzing the CTBUH World Congress
CTBUH Executive Director Antony Wood discusses the 2012 Shanghai World Congress with MCI, addressing the importance of the Congress to its members and the attendees, the future plans of the Council and the significance of Shanghai to the Congress.

September 28, WGN Radio
Antony Wood on Sustainable Skyscrapers
The Chicago-based radio news show interviewed CTBUH Executive Directo Antony Wood about the 'Hi-Rise, Lo-Carb' studio he led at the Illinois Institute of Technology and the innovative designs created by the students.

June 22, NPR
Science Friday: Tall Buildings, A Cut Above the Rest
National Public Radio host Ira Flatow, of Science Friday, interviews CTBUH Director Antony Wood about the recent release of CTBUH's 2012 Best Tall Building Awards.

May 31, Monocle Daily
Midori House
The London-based radio news show interviewed CTBUH Public Affairs Manager Kevin Brass about plans to build a New York City tower, which would be the tallest residential building in the United States.

May 1, WCBS
How Do You Determine What The Tallest Building Is?
One World Trade Center topping the Empire State Building on the New York City skyline revives questions of what determines the height of tall buildings. Executive Director Antony Wood states that the height of tall buildings is truly a matter of perspective.

April 30, The Monocle Daily
One World Trade Center Rises Above Empire State Building
With the media focused on the latest One World Trade Center construction milestone, CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson discusses the complexities of the site, collaboration on the development and the emotions invoked by the tower.

September 8, 2011, WBEZ 91.5
Living and working in tall buildings after 9/11

The events of September 11th had many unforeseen effects on the world. Antony Wood, the executive director for the Chicago-based Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat discusses how skyscraper culture changed in the last decade.

June 2011, Chicago Architecture Foundation
One Nation under Construction

CTBUH's Executive Director Antony Wood and others discuss Chicago's John Hancock Center, measuring tall, and other tall subjects in the Chicago Architecture Foundation's newly launched video library, "One Nation Under Construction".

September 17, 2010, China Radio International
Beijing's Tallest Skyscraper

Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director is interviewed on the subject of tall buildings, explaining some of the reasoning behind the CTBUH Height Criteria, the changing motivations behind tall buildings, and the important role that tall buildings can play in the densification of more sustainable cities.

July 18, 2010, BBC Radio World Service
Tall Buildings in London

CTBUH Executive Director, Antony Wood, comments on the newly completed Strata tower, a high-rise residential tower in the city of London, and the importance of tall buildings in densifying our cities and reducing suburban spread to create more sustainable cities.

February 4, 2010, TV 9 Mumbai News Bulletin
CTBUH 2010 Conference

Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director and associate professor in the College of Architecture at IIT, is interviewed on TV 9 Mumbai News during a news story covering the CTBUH 2010 Conference, "Remaking Sustainable Cities in the Vertical Age" held in Mumbai February 3-5th.

January 14, 2010, Radio Islam
Tallest Building

Jan Klerks, CTBUH Communications Manager talks with Radio Islam on the subject of tall buildings. Topics include: the new World's Tallest Building - Burj Khalifa, seismic design of tall buildings, and the motivations behind building tall.

February 27, 2009, CNN
Sears to lead the way in high rise upgrade

Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director explains why the 40 year old  Sears Tower needs to be upgraded to accomodate energy strategies that will improve the performance of the historic skyscraper in today's challenging environment.

February 25, 2009, NBC 5 Chicago
A Silver Sears Tower

NBC 5 Chicago visits IIT’s campus to capture its view of the Sears Tower being re-covered in silver to help save on energy costs and describes the university as “one of the great schools of architecture.” CTBUH Executive Director, Antony Wood explains why he feels the Sears Tower makeover should take place.

February 18, 2009, BBC Radio World Service
World's Skylines Heading Up
The world's tallest building currently in use is just over five hundred metres high. But within a few years it's expected a building at least twice that height will be constructed. Vincent Dowd looks at why -- and where -- the world's skyline is heading upward, Executive Director Antony Wood is interviewed as part of the discussion.

Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director and associate professor in the College of Architecture at IIT, talks to TV 9 Mumbai News regarding the partnership of architecture students from Chicago and architects from RoMF on the C-ward project in Mumbai.

February 6, 2009, Commercial Property News
Radio News Update

Managing editor for Commercial Property News, Amanda Metcalf, mentions the CTBUH Tallest 10 completed in 2008 and Tallest 20 in 2020 lists  in her  weekly commercial industry update.

Smart City Radio  
November 6, 2008, Smart City Radio
Tall Buildings and Public Spaces

Smart City Radio talks to two people who are attempting to re-imagine public spaces both inside and out. Antony Wood is the Executive Director of the CTBUH. He discusses the revolution  that is needed in tall buildings to transform them into livable structures for the 21st century. Smart City Radio also talks with David Dixon, the principal of Planning and Urban Design with Goody Clancy and Associates.

Antony Wood   June 13, 2008, WGN Radio, Milt Rosenberg Show, 9-11pm
The Tallest Buildings in the World

Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director, Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic and Jay Pridmore, author of Shanghai: The Architecture of China's Great Urban Center, discuss the global boom in high-rise construction, sustainability and the future of the tall buildings.
Read the transcript.

More Green Towers Expected in Dubai   March 3, 2008, City 7 News Dubai
More Green Towers Expected in Dubai

CTBUH Chairman David Scott & Executive Director Antony Wood are interviewed for the top story on City 7 News Dubai, on the opening day of the CTBUH 8th World Congress. Also interviewed is HE Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality. Read the transcript.

Antony Wood Radio Interview   December 13, 2007, Dubai Eye 103.8
Antony Wood Radio Interview

Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director, discusses the Council's plans for the 2008 Dubai World Congress, the potential for sustainability in tall buildings and the technical achievements of the Burj Dubai. Read the transcript.

Antony Wood TV Interview   September 13, 2007, the Business News Network
Antony Wood TV Interview

Following news that the under construction Burj Dubai had surpassed the height of the CN Tower, Antony Wood, CTBUH Executive Director, is interviewed on 'SqueezePlay', a program for the Business News Network. Read the transcript.