Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Research Projects Announced on Skybridges and Robotics

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CTBUH has received funding from thyssenkrupp to undertake an 18-month research project, “Skybridges: Bringing the Horizontal into the Vertical Realm.” The purpose of this project is to succinctly capture the development history of the skybridge, as well as put forward a set of principles for future development. This information will be distilled and widely disseminated in the form of a CTBUH Technical Guide.

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CTBUH has received funding from Schindler to carry out a two-year research project, “Robotics in Tall Building Construction.” This research will explore the new and promising realm of tall building robotics, identifying areas where the quality and speed of building construction could be enhanced through the use of such technologies, while maintaining the highest degree of on-site safety.

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Those interested in contributing to these research projects in some capacity, perhaps serving on the project steering / peer review committee, should submit a one-page expression of interest to Participants are encouraged to attend the preliminary steering meetings for these research projects, held in conjunction with the CTBUH 2018 Middle East Conference on Friday 19 October in Dubai.

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