Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH 2017 International Research Seed Funding Winner
October 19, 2017

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The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is pleased to announce the awarding of the 2017 International Research Seed Funding grant to Dr. Kate Swinburne, a Senior Fire Engineer at Olsson Fire & Risk.
The 2017 CTBUH International Seed Funding is made possible with generous support from Sun Hung Kai Properties.

Dr. Swinburne has won a grant of $20,000, kindly sponsored by Sun Hung Kai Properties, to work in collaboration with the new Fire Performance of Façades Working Group, to develop a database of high-rise fires that could be applied to the emerging field of machine-learning, which may lead to new and innovative fire solutions. To mitigate the risk of future fires it is important to understand the common factors that have led to recent fires. The project will put together a database of tall building façade fires which will include the general characteristics of the buildings, the regulatory environment in which the buildings were constructed, the types of materials used to create the façade, and the associated test standards with which the materials complied. This database will then be used to identify areas of new work that should be advanced in conjunction with funding bodies and research partners.

Recent CTBUH Research Reports on Economic Drivers, Vertical Greenery, Suburban/Urban, Composite Megacolumns and Life Cycle Assessment; an ideal final output of the research seed funding program.
The CTBUH 2017 International Research Seed Funding Initiative continues to be a key milestone for the advancement of the CTBUH Research Division. The initiative was created to assist researchers in developing projects and ideas to a level that can secure more significant funding, in the form of collaborations and joint proposals in conjunction with the CTBUH.