Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Italian Team Wins Research Seed Funding
Dr. Elena Giacomello receives the Seed Funding from CTBUH Chairman Timothy Johnson.
June 11, 2013
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Made possible with generous support from ARUP
A rendering of the Bosco Verticale towers
A research team from Iuav University of Venice, Italy, was named the winner of the CTBUH’s second research seed funding grant during the 2013 London Conference Dinner at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The team, led by Dr. Elena Giacomello, received $20,000 to fund a study of the radical new “Vertical Forest” (Bosco Verticale); two 75- and 110-meter towers in Milan festooned with exterior vegetation on cantilevered platforms. The team will monitor the Vertical Forest, and build a database in support of a new framework for the green design of tall buildings, and will first publish its findings in the CTBUH Journal. More than 40 organizations from 12 countries applied for the funding, which was sponsored by ARUP. The winner was chosen by the CTBUH’s Research Seed Funding Review Committee.

The Research Seed Funding Review committee, which reflected comprised a multi-disciplinary group of tall building and urban design experts from around the world, with established research and publication records, reviewed the proposals. Five peer reviewers were selected to look at each proposal, based on a series of criteria. Proposals were selected on the basis of their relevance, quality and timeliness.

“The winning team, led by Dr. Giacomello, displayed use of prior research to inform the project and showed applicability for industrial or commercial use, while remaining aware of its research limitations,” said Dr. Payam Bahrami, CTBUH Senior Research Associate.

The research team from IuaV University of Venice is the second winner of the Research Seed Funding program, which began in 2012. This initiative has been set forth by the CTBUH Research Division.