Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Research Division Archive
Completed Research Projects:

Green Living Technologies: What is Missing in the International Standards?
Project Started: February 2016
Anticipated Project Completion: March 2017
Funding Sponsor:
Underwriters Laboratories
Principal Investigator:
Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

This research will define a set of development guidelines for comprehensive standards on green living technologies, both for roofs and façades.

Vertical Futures: Technologies to Shape our Cities
Project Started: November 2015
Anticipated Project Completion: October 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Turner Construction via the Henry C. Turner Prize
Principal Investigator:
David Malott, CTBUH Chairman; Principal at KPF

This research will conduct an audit of the cutting-edge technologies across all fields that contribute to tall buildings and future cities.

Sustainability Implications of Urban + Suburban Locations
Project Started: February 2014
Anticipated Project Completion: February 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Principal Investigator:
Dr. Antony Wood, CTBUH/IIT & Peng Du, CTBUH/IIT

The research study is aimed at understanding what factors really do contribute to “sustainability” in an urban / suburban context.

Determinants of Skyscraper Heights and Completion Rates
Project Started: October 2015
Project Completion: October 2016
Funding Sponsor:
Sun Hung Kai Properties, via CTBUH 2015 Research Seed Funding
Principal Investigator:
Jason Barr, Rutgers University

The study has run a statistical analyses to investigate what factors contribute to development across 62 Chinese cities from 1978 to 2014.

Life Cycle of Tall Building Structural Systems
Project Started: January 2013
Project Completed: January 2015
Funding Sponsor:
Principal Investigator: Dr. Antony Wood, CTBUH
and Dario Trabucco, CTBUH

This project is a multi-faceted research project conducting a life cycle analysis of various tall building structural systems.

Building Façade Retrofit: A Database Of Completed Projects
Project Started: October 2014
Project Completed: March 2015
Funding Sponsor:
ECADI , via CTBUH 2014 Research Seed Funding
Principal Investigator:
Prof. Douglas Noble,
University of Southern California School of Architecture

The 2014 Research Seed Funding project studied façade-design optimization projects undertaken on existing tall buildings to date.

New “Vertical Forest” (Bosco Verticale)
Project Started: June 2013
Project Completed: June 2014
Funding Sponsor:
Arup, via CTBUH 2013 Research Seed Funding
Principal Investigator: Dr. Elena Giacomello, IUAV

The 2013 International Seed Funding funds a study of the radical new “Vertical Forest” (Bosco Verticale); two 75- and 110-meter towers in Milan festooned with exterior vegetation on cantilevered platforms.

Composite Megacolumns
Project Started: April 2014
Project Completion: October 2016
Funding Sponsor: ArcelorMittal

This document is the summary of the research project on composite megacolumns, where multiple, concrete-encased, hot-rolled steel sections were tested for their structural integrity.

Green Walls in High-Rise Buildings
Project Started: May 2013
Project Completion: October 2014
Funding Sponsor: CTBUH Sustainability Working Group (Volunteer-basis)

This guide sets recommendations for selecting, implementing, and maintaining green walls in high-rise buildings with added regard for local climatic factors.

Wind Tunnel Testing of High-Rise Buildings
Project Started: January 2012
Project Completion: June 2013
Funding Sponsor: CTBUH Wind Engineering Working Group (Volunteer-basis)

This guide sets general guidelines for wind tunnel tests as they apply to tall buildings, outlining best practices that standardize measurements in the field.

Natural Ventilation in High-Rise Office Buildings
Project Started: June 2010
Project Completion: September 2012
Funding Sponsor: CTBUH Sustainability Working Group (Volunteer-basis)

This guide uses a case study format to recognize advances in the planning, construction, and operation of natural ventilation systems in tall buildings.

Outrigger Design for High-Rise Buildings
Project Started: October 2011
Project Completion: September 2012
Funding Sponsor: CTBUH Outrigger Working Group (Volunteer-basis)

This guide details the impact of outrigger systems on tall building designs and demonstrates ways in which technology improves skyscraper stability.

Lehigh Library Receives Grant for CTBUH Archives
Project Started: March 2014
Anticipated Project Completion: March 2016
Funding Sponsor: Mellon Foundation
Principal Investigator: Lehigh University

This project is to catalog Lehigh University's portion of the archives of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, which was founded at Lehigh.

CIB, CTBUH & UNESCO Research Roadmap
Project Started: December 2010
Project Completion: January 2014 (Published)
Funding Sponsor:

This project identifies priority research topics and gaps in the field of tall buildings, acting as a guide to assist all those concerned with the typology in the necessary planning of future research and funding.

Designing Tall Buildings to Promote Physical Activity
Project Started: September 2012
Project Completion: December 2013 (Published in CTBUH Journal)
Funding Sponsor:
AECOM, via CTBUH 2012 Research Seed Funding
Principal Investigator: Dr. Kristen Day, Polytechnic Institute of NYU

CTBUH’s first research seed funding grant funds a study on the impact of tall building developments on physical activity in China.

NCIIA Research Grant
Project Started: October 2012
Funding Sponsor: NCIIA
Principal Investigators: IIT & CTBUH

This project aims to study an efficient method to detect air leakage spots in tall buildings using a compact acoustic phased array. The CTBUH’s research team supported the application.

Prince Charitable Trusts Research Grant
Project Started: December 2011
Project Completion: January 2014 (Roadmap Published)
Funding Sponsor: Prince Charitable Trusts
Principal Investigators: Dario Trabucco, IUAV & Philip Oldfield, UON

This project develops a database that centralized information relevant to researchers, such as funding sources and current global research efforts in the field of high density urban developments.

Furthermore Publishing Grant
Project Started: February 2012
Project Completion: July 2013 (Published)
Funding Sponsor: FURTHERMORE Grants in Publishing Program
Principal Investigator: Dr. Antony Wood, CTBUH

This grant supports the Tall Building Reference Guide, to help the mission to disseminate information about buildings and the built environment throughout the world.

WISER Research Grant
Project Started: March 2012
Project Completion: May 2013 (Published)
Funding Sponsor: Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research
Principal Investigator: Dr. Payam Bahrami, CTBUH

This project studies the energy-saving effectiveness of green wall façade systems.

Survey Research for Measuring the Perceptional Level of Core Technologies in the Area of Supertall Buildings in Korea
Project Started: April 2011
Project Completion: December 2012 (Published in CTBUH Journal)
Funding Sponsor: KOREA-RIST
Principle Investigator:
David Scott, Arup

This international project measurs the comparative level of technologies of tall buildings and to develop a forecast of its realization time for each key technology identified. 

Cataloguing the Ramsey Collection
Project Started: April 2011
Project Completion: August 2012
Funding Sponsor: USA Fidelity Charitable Gift
Principle Investigator: CTBUH Staff

This award supports the cataloguing of the Norman Ramsey Collection on tall buildings around the world. The Norman Ramsey Collection is a vast compilation of unique documents, books and postcards, that was donated to the CTBUH by Mr. Norman Ramsey in 2011.