Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Hong Kong Trip for the Cyclone-Glazing Research Project
June 11 – 15, 2018

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CTBUH Meets with the Hong Kong Building Department

CTBUH Meets with Designers and Façade Consultant in Hong Kong
Meetings with the Hong Kong Façade Industry for the Cyclone-Glazing Project


HONG KONG – In June 2018, CTBUH organized a research trip to Hong Kong in order to advance the research project Cyclone Glazing and Façade Resilience for the Asia-Pacific Region, sponsored by Trosifol. A number of meetings were organized by Angela Mejorin, directly engaged for the project since January 2017. She attended the meetings in Hong Kong together with Malvinder Singh Rooprai, a representative from Trosifol. They met local professionals in the façade design and construction process, the Hong Kong Building Department, and developers and building managers.
A visit at the Hong Kong Curtain Wall Testing Center was prearranged by Sammy Hui from Dow Chemical Company. The most updated equipment was shown and it was compared to the previous version, showing the advances that have been made. The testing process is easily controllable and problems in curtain wall performance can immediately be highlighted through the electronic devices while testing and through recorded data. Furthermore, during the week, the ZAK World of Façade Conference occurred and represented an opportunity to meet other experts in the field.

Hong Kong skyline
In Hong Kong, CTBUH participated in the One Taikoo Place design presentation and tour, where the entire team of professionals involved in the façade design, construction, and installation process shared their experience in this extraordinary tall building which will be completed soon. One Taikoo Place is the latest redevelopment project in Taikoo Place, which involved the demolition of existing Somerset House into a 228.6-meter, Grade-A office building with multiple entrance lobbies and footbridge connections to the surrounding buildings. It sits on a prime site with views of Victoria Harbour to the north and Taikoo Square to the south. Hong Kong is one of the four jurisdictions (the others being Australia, Japan, and the Philippines) that will be included in the final output of this research, ‘Strong Winds- and Cyclone-Resistant Façades: the Best Practices’. This trip contributed to the development of the Hong Kong section of the publication and the One Taikoo Place building will be included as a cases study in the publication. The podium façade has a record size for a glass wall, realized by full height glass panels, which are 3 meters wide by 17.6 meters high.
(left to right): Hayman S.M. Wong, Far East Aluminium Works; Jim W. H. Mok, Far East Aluminium Works; Rock L.Y. Leung, Wong & Ouyang Architects; Andy Chan Wai Yin, G&M Holdings Limited; Johnson W. Albano, G&M Holdings Limited; Michelle Tam Sheung Ting, Swire Properties; Robert Levett, Swire Properties; Nina Yu, Arup; Tiffany Chan, Arup; Angela Mejorin, CTBUH; and Malvinder Singh Rooprai, Trosifol, meet at Swire Properties. The Opus Hong Kong architectural model. It is at Swire Properties Hong Kong Headquarters in One Island East.
These research meetings in Hong Kong served a similar purpose to the previous trips to Japan and the Philippines.

The findings of the on-going research activities were presented and discussed with the Hong Kong professionals and discussion focused on the past outputs of the project and on the upcoming stages that will be conducted in order to complete this project. Japan’s and the Philippine’s best practices, when it comes for typhoon-prone façades, were shared with the people met during this week and the face-to-face meetings allowed engineers and architects to contribute to the technical publication.

A report of the first part of the project, comprising an analysis of the international codes on cyclone-resistant façade solutions is available here.

One Taikoo Place Building. From left to right: view of the building from the One Island East; view from the ground level; the podium mock-up test with the 3.00x17.60 m glass slaves.
Tiffany Chan ARUP
Nina Yu ARUP
Jim W. H. Mok Far east Aluminium Works
Hayman S.M. Wong Far east Aluminium Works
Johnson W. Albano G&M Holdings Limited
Andy Chan Wai Yin G&M Holdings Limited
Ji Haiping

North Glass

Chunchao Li North Glass
Malvinder Singh Rooprai Trosifol
Rock L.Y. Leung Wong & Ouyang Architects
Robert Levett

Swire Properties

Michelle Tam Sheung Ting Swire Properties