Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CTBUH Research Division Travels to Japan
April 16 – 23, 2018

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Meetings with Designers and Façade Consultants in Japan
Meetings at the Building Research Institute and Disaster Prevention Research Institute in Japan
Meetings with Façade Industry Representatives in Japan

JAPAN – In April 2018, CTBUH organized a trip to Japan in order to meet experts in the façade industry for advancement of the research project, Cyclone Glazing and Façade Resilience for the Asia-Pacific Region sponsored by Trosifol. In addition to the meetings with experts, CTBUH visited a Performance Test Lab, a Government Research Institute, and University Department directly involved in the cyclone-resistant façade development sector. Angela Mejorin, directly involved in the project since January 2017, represented CTBUH in Japan and attended meetings together with Shuji Miyamoto, a representative from Trosifol.

From left to right: Shin-Marunouchi Building; Japan Post Tower and Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.
Japan is one of the four jurisdictions (the others being Australia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines) that will be included in the final output of this research, ‘Strong Wind- and Cyclone-Resistant Façades: Best Practices’. This trip contributed to the development of the Japanese section of the publication.

The meetings represented the opportunity to share the past outputs of the research project and the future steps to be conducted in order to complete this project. Additionally, the face-to-face meetings allowed engineers and architects to contribute to the ‘Building Case Study’ section of the technical publication. A report of the first part of the project, comprising an analysis of the international codes on cyclone-resistant façade solutions is available here.

Tokyo skyline from the observatory of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.