Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
Update on LCA Research
April 2014
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CHICAGO - “A Whole Life-Cycle Assessment of the Sustainable Aspects of Structural Systems in Tall Buildings,” a $300,000 project funded by ArcelorMittal, started in January 2013, is now progressing toward completion, and dissemination in early 2015.
The research is aimed at investigating the energy / sustainability differentials of steel, concrete and composite structural systems in tall buildings, considering the whole life cycle from material sourcing to demolition / recycling.

The research considers the use of different structural systems and materials for the erection of two study projects, 250 and 500- meters tall, respectively. The LCA impact derived from the erection of the building's structural system is studied in its full detail, and an accurate inventory of materials is being calculated for all construction and demolition phases.
Funding Sponsor
The research is being made possible through the support of a large panel of external experts, who are contributing to the initiative by sharing their knowledge with the CTBUH research team.

An interim report on the research will be included in the proceedings of the upcoming 2014 CTBUH International Conference in Shanghai, China. The initial findings of the research, closer to completion, will be presented by Dr. Antony Wood and Dr. Dario Trabucco at an LCA-dedicated workshop during the Conference.

The final report will be published in early 2015, as part of CTBUH's Technical Guide Series, after having been peer-reviewed by experts in the field of tall buildings and LCA analysis.

Future updates on the advancement of this research, and information on the previous steps, can be found here.